The Trial of David Gatt – what is the link with former assistant commissioner Silvio Valletta?

When Vince Muscat il-Koħħu testified in court in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, he “name-dropped former Assistant Police Commissioner Silvio Valletta, saying that Alfred Degiorgio had told him that he was obtaining information from him.”

This was not the first time that Valletta was mentioned in this case.

He was one of the lead investigators when Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered, and he even had addressed a press conference following the murder with then Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar. He was then “forcibly removed off the case by court order.”

It was also revealed that he had a friendship with Yorgen Fenech, having went on holiday with him.  This had led to the stripping of his ex-wife Justyne Caruana’s ministerial portfolio in Cabinet.

Valletta was also mentioned “in the recordings handed over to the prosecution by middleman Melvin Theuma, where he is referred to as ‘Valletta l-oħxon’.

Silvio Valletta had consistently denied this.

What has Silvio Valletta to do with David Gatt?

According to information that has reached this site, Silvio Valletta was quite friends with David Gatt and when the latter was still an inspector at the Rabat Police Station, Gatt used to often be at Silvio Valletta’s office. And it also happened, that at the time, Silvio Valletta was Mario Portelli’s inspector at the mobile squad. Mario Portelli was the star witness in the trial of David Gatt. Thus, when Gatt used to be at the office of Silvio Valletta, they used to either be driven home or else, go for a drink together after work hours.

In lieu of the fact that in their press release the Degiorgios wrote that they declare, that when it comes to Daphne’s case, there were police officers in high posts involved, including the involvement of lawyers, where they had also specifically mentioned David Gatt, what do the readers make of those officers in high posts?

Is Silvio Valletta one of those high-ranking police officers mentioned in the Degiorgios’ press release, who was first an inspector and was then promoted to Assistant Commissioner, a position from which he retired in 2019?

Is it a pure coincidence that Silvio Valletta was also a close friend of David Gatt, of whose involvement the Degiorgios specifically mention in the crimes from which he was acquitted from our court and even in the heinous murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia?

Malta is so small. Silvio Valletta happened to coincidentally be close friends with the village lawyer David Gatt. David Gatt is the same village lawyer mentioned in the Degiorgios’ press release. Same crimes. Same loop.

And yet, David Gatt was acquitted from our court. And the mind continues to boggle.

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