Jason Azzopardi’s post about the Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg is purely verbal abuse of a narcissist and a misogynist

Jason Azzopardi, jaħasra, felt so much anger choking him, that he decided to write this post on Facebook about the Attorney General Dr Victoria Buttigieg:

Firstly, Jason, I would like to point out some grammatical and spelling mistakes. I am sure you don’t mind. We write ‘rabja’, not ‘rabbja’. We say ‘għall-ħmieġ’ because ‘tal-ħmieġ’. We write ‘ħalli mbagħad’ without the ‘i’ as in Maltese, two vowels following each other are prohibited. We write ‘ma riditx’ and not ‘ma riedetx’ as the latter was changed to the former in an update of the Maltese language. It is never too late to learn something new, don’t you think?

It is a shame that somewhere along the lines, Jason Azzopardi did not learn how to respect women. We only have to again mention how he has turned his legal office into a Narcissus’s dating hub, having affairs on his ex-wife behind her back. We only have again to be reminded how his ex-wife happened to learn about one of his affairs “after a final boarding call for passengers at the airport” which showed that “Azzopardi and a woman had a flight to catch to London.” This time the reason was not one of self-penance, that of going to pray on Christ’s tomb, but Marica Azzopardi Balzan had said “that her husband had left their matrimonial home on Saturday, telling her that today he would be travelling to London to see his dying uncle.”

And now he has stooped so low in calling the Attorney General, Dr Victoria Buttigieg ‘rubbish’ or ‘scumbag’, not once but twice, only to conclude that she is even worse than rubbish.

In the usual hypocritical way of a narcissist and a hypocrite of the highest order, he points at Dr Buttigieg’s oath to be independent. Look who’s talking about oaths! A lawyer who has breached the law in sharing chats on which there is a court ban during an ongoing court case in which he is also a lawyer for the parte civile when on their appointment, lawyers take the oath of office which is “As a lawyer, I swear to exercise my functions with dignity, conscience, independence, integrity and humanity.”

Do you know what is worse than rubbish, dear readers? Such attitude of the typical narcissist who also tends to be misogynistic because it is very common for male narcissists to be misogynists! A 2010 study by Dr Keiller, had concluded that “heterosexual men’s narcissism is linked to an adversarial and angry stance toward heterosexual women more than toward other groups. Although narcissists may want to maintain feelings of superiority and power over all people, narcissistic heterosexual men are particularly invested in subordinating heterosexual women.” Does it sound familiar to Azzopardi’s post, dear readers?

In addition, misogynistic online trolls happened to be part of a larger group of narcissists who have been shown to have high levels of psychopathy, sadism, and Machiavellianism (Buckels et al 2014). As Tory Shepherd wrote: “We’re not talking about teen bullies here. We’re talking about grown men getting deviant pleasure from trying to hurt women.” Does it sound familiar to Azzopardi’s post, dear readers?

Narcissists also tend to frequently resort to verbal abuse so to intimidate their target while they try to establish their dominance and superiority in a well-planned attack so to catch their target off-guard, so to come out victorious, gain control and manipulate a person into doing something. Does it sound familiar to Azzopardi’s post, dear readers? Does it sound familiar to you that now the attacks are directed towards Dr Victoria Buttigieg in the strategy to eliminate her while putting pressure on her to resign?

Oh no, dear readers! Don’t think that Azzopardi’s post was the result of the spur of a moment! Narcissists use the words they would have already meticulously chosen, because for a narcissist, words are used to instill fear, intimidate, manipulate, oppress, and constraint. In his post, Azzopardi was shifting the blame onto Victoria Buttigieg, while escalating it all to public humiliation.

And yet, Jason Frejjeġ u Gideb Azzopardi, wants to indirectly establish his superiority. Superiority my foot!

This is the typical attitude of a ‘man’ whose testacles remain attached in place without falling because biology dictates so!

This is the typical attitude of a ‘man’ whose scrota have shrunk to the extent that a search for them will immediately result unsuccessful, not even if all the floodlights of our national football ground at Ta’ Qali are lit!

This is the typical attitude of a ‘man’ who somewhere during his physical growth, has discovered that he was endowed with a ‘Jingling Johnny’ and on such discovery, pride and arrogance of self-entitlement take over, which makes the successful lobotomy turn him into a ‘man’ whereby his ‘Jingling Johnny’ speaks, thinks, and acts for him!

Jason Azzopardi, apologise publicly to Dr Victoria Buttigieg!

Dear Dr Victoria Buttigieg, put on the armour of God and leave the snakes to slither on the floor, not knowing what to do with themselves, while they choke on their angry venom which makes them rot from the inside!

Jason Azzopardi, do this one more time and you will have to walk on my dead body because I can assure you, that I will put myself in front of Dr Victoria Buttigieg to protect her from all the stones that are thrown at her, because strong women have very well learnt how to tackle such stones to then pick them up to build their empire.

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