The suffering that the Maltese people have to endure without electricity. Can the government tell us what is going on?

This current, shameful of a situation where Maltese people in various localitilies are suffering due to lengthy hours which stretched to days without electricity in their homes, is such a disgrace! Here is a comment I came across this morning and the replies that the person received. The said person then posted a comment three hours later to explain and thank two Enemalta workers who came with the tower ladder and gave them back the electricity service. The said person is hoping that now, the electricity service will hold. I am still posting his previous comment and replies he got so that the government out there understands what the people are going through. After all, the government always boasts that it is there to feel the pulse of a nation:

Needless to say, these power cuts have created a lot of emotional, physical and financial distress on the people, and businesses alike!

While I condemn the attitude of some shown towards Enemalta employees, who are, poor souls, working non-stop because of this issue, can the government tell us what is truly going on and what is causing this?

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