Can Jason Azzopardi clarify how his legal office was turned into a Narcissus’s dating hub?

Lawyer for the parte civile of the Caruana Galizia family, Jason Azzopardi has no scruples in turning what is private and protected by the law, public while committing a criminal offence and exposing chats on which there is a court ban. We all know to whom where the fingers pointed at when the chats between Yorgen Fenech and Rosianne Cutajar were exposed. So I am sure that Jason Azzopardi will not find any issue with this site exposing some information it has received about two extra-marital affairs he has had. After all, for him, what is private, should be made public.

Both these extra-marital affairs were prior the current affair that Azzopardi is in, and they both happened around 2015/2016. Because Azzopardi of the Opus Dei jumps from one flower to the next like a bee seeking for its nectar.

Both women happened to be clients of Azzopardi whom he both met at his legal office. One of these women was a policewoman whom he used to annoy by calling her at her place of work. The other was a woman who was going through a separation.

Jason Azzopardi, can you verify this information? Can you explain how a legal office, which should be professional, has been turned into a Narcissus’s dating hub?

Secondly, is it true that these affairs were not voluntarily consentual by these two women? If yes, what was the context and the ulterior motives which lured them inside the den of Narcissus?

Can these women, of whom this site has the knowledge of the name and surname, come out into the open, because what we allow, continues.

Can I ask on which grounds have you applied for an annulment when you have been sleeping on your wife, with God knows how many women, during your marriage, which should be a sacred union between a man and a woman, given to both, via the sacraments which were graciously given by God in both the Old and the New Testaments?

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