Dr Jean Karl Soler must apologise to the Maltese nation for advocating the deadly Covid-19 vaccines for a certain cohort

Dr Jean Karl Soler does not need any introduction. He was on the mouths of many when he criticised the Covid-19 measures and was even reported by Profs Charmaine Gauci for his critical posts on their pseudo-Covid19 strategy. I was even one of those who defended Dr Soler’s freedom of speech.It was nothing new as many people shared the same criticism before he came out into the public. But the human race is plagued with this mentality of giving up its God given individual authority while it holds to an authority which it deems higher than itself – that of a doctor, scientist, lawyer, politician or whoever. And to add insult to injury, all those people who were warning the public about the Covid-19 vaccines, were insulted and told that they are not doctors so their advice is useless because they lacked ‘the knowledge’ and a medical degree. Telling these people that they are not doctors during these times is actually the greatest compliment one can give because God-given discernment is much greater than any medical god complex degree, which turns you into a brain that has been indoctrinated by a medical school:

But then suddenly Dr Soler was not a menace for the public anymore. In fact, he was allowed to contribute on the Times of Malta. He was interviewed live on LovinMalta. He was interviewed in a podcast by Jon Mallia*. He was often invited on the lying channelling programs of TVM. Marica Micallef was only invited by Profs Mercieca on his programme on Xejk TV, despite she receiving a warning from Castille not to go or else she will be made fun of. Oh well, she is not a doctor! Could it be the case that Soler was granted this permission so to serve as controlled opposition to the blogger who wrote against the same Covid-19 measures, who wrote that the PCR test is bogus, that the pandemic and that the vaccines are fake? I am asking for a friend.

Yet, there are unfortunately, and sadly, two crucial factors that made Dr Soler lead the public astray. The first factor was when he advocated the deadly and experimental Covid-19 vaccines for a certain cohort when he wrote on his Facebook page, back on the 13th of July 2021, that he is “fully in favour of vaccinating those at high risk from Covid-19 infection. This category includes all those over 65-70 years of age.” He also tends to quote the WHO and praise it, which shows that he has not truly grasped the whole picture of what is going on. He also quotes peer reviewed research which is still research controlled by Big Pharma where the whole truth is not given. Giving the public half truths is worse than giving them a lie.

I am still asking the same question to all those who believe in Covid as ‘an infection’ or ‘a respiratory disease’ to which I still have not got any reply: if the only way to detect this ‘infection’ or ‘disease’ was, as they told us, the pcr test, which is bogus, how can then we believe in it? Some might say but there were symptoms. And what about when they sold us the lie that you can be asymptomatic and still have Covid? Since ‘the science’ talks about facts and gives you facts, can ‘the science’ gives us proof of this virus, instead of the computer generated ball we had on the tell-a-vision? Dr Soler was one of those who argued negatively against the pcr test and yet, Covid-19 has suddenly turned into a factual infection!

Dr Soler also advised that he is against vaccinating those who are already immune to Covid. But how can we know that they truly had Covid, if the pcr test is bogus? Taking the varied results of the pcr tests of my dad, is already enough to prove this!

The second factor is that while he admits that these Covid-19 vaccines have serious, adverse events, he falls for the narrative that these adverse events are rare. In fact, on his Facebook posts, he claimed that the rise in deaths that the world is witnessing is due to the lockdowns, quoting the mainstream media portal the BBC. As if the mainstream media is going to tell you that the Covid-19 vaccines are killing people! It is not even informing the people whether all those dying suddenly, have been vaccinated or not!

But, when our usual Times of Malta, after pushing and bombarding you with the Covid-19 vaccines narrative throughout, published one article whereby it stated that the German courts will “begin examining a series of claims over adverse effects suffered after coronavirus vaccinations, more than two years after one of the world’s fastest and most extensive innoculation campaigns” is now again giving you another narrative, while playing it safe, when it tells you that “the jabs, which had been developed at breakneck speed and granted early approval for usage, are now the focus of legal claims in several countries including France and Britain as the plaintiffs say the vaccines damaged their health.” What about the deaths, Times of Malta? On this article, Dr Soler commented:

Dr Soler must have removed his stethoscope for a few seconds. Excuse me, but didn’t he contribute on the same Times of Malta? Isn’t his comment contradictory to his earlier statements? But, in my opinion, this argument of his is weak and full of rhetorical questions. He speaks dispassionately like someone who has lost nothing and with no stake in the matter because in reality, he did not lose anything but gained popularity. Many did, on the other hand, lose their job. I know others who had to fight hard to keep their job. I know others who took it without wanting or else they would have lost their job, crying on their way to the vaccination centre. My brother is one of those.

Soler still does not condone the experimental, Covid-19 vaccines while many doctors worldwide, are demanding for their removal. Dr Soler does not even agree that the vaccine has and is damaging the immune system of people. And yet, in this comment, he makes believe that he is suddenly against the Covid-19 vaccines. Didn’t he himself take it?

Dr Soler fails to have the spark of anger in him and he refuses to listen to some of the top doctors who have published many papers on the injuries. Still, I thank him for showing some courage and for testifying in the constitutional case challenging Covid measures.

What a pity that we did not have one doctor in this country that came out in the public to condone the Covid-19 vaccines from the beginning without changing version at any point throughout! And what a double pity it is that we do not have any local doctors speaking up about the deaths and injuries that they are witnessing in vaccinated people.

But this site won’t play it safe in its quest for the Truth in this Truth Movement and it will keep on rooting for humanity.

*My apologies for the mistake above – the interview of Dr Jean Karl Soler was that known as “Il-Podkast- It-Tabib li baqa jiggiled biex tohrog il-verita’ minkejja t-theddid li rcieva.” It can be found on you tube. Thank you

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