Philanthropy is by definition ‘the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.’

It should be stated that charitable organizations have unquestionably done some good. However, if we examine the pattern of history, an obvious truth emerges. Philanthropy is necessary for the establishment of familial power. In the case of the Rockefellers, philanthropy has been used to shape their public image. This positive reputation has proven to be more potent than any tool that could be purchased. The appearance of benevolence allows select families, rather than elected officials, to influence Republic affairs. Furthermore, money given to foundations is given away in order to generate profit for families while deducting those donations from their taxes.

The reality is no lives matter for the elites.  Only money matters to the psychopaths in charge.  Hence now the term coined: philanthropaths.

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  1. Judith King

    True, true, true!!! It is all so sad & amazing how the masses fall for this insane charade hook, line & sinker.

  2. Judith King

    Not only do they use “philanthropy” for the appearance of benevolence and for tax exemption; they also DONATE TO EACH OTHER, pouring $$ back into affiliated conglomerates!

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