Doctors for Patients UK call for an immediate suspension and investigation into the lethal and experimental Covid-19 vaccines

“Doctors for Patients UK (DfPUK) was established in September 2022 and has become a fast-growing group of UK doctors dedicated to practising evidence-based ethical and patient-centred medicine”. The group was borne out of “increasing concerns that core principles of medical ethics are being disregarded such as the oath to “First do no harm” the respect for individual bodily autonomy and the need to obtain fully informed consent for all medical interventions.”

In their press release they wrote:

“Many doctors in the UK and internationally have become increasingly concerned about the safety profile of Covid-19 vaccines and the continued rollout of these products to the public including children and pregnant women. Several doctors in DfPUK have submitted multiple Yellow Card reports of adverse events following their covid vaccinations to the MHRA. Not only this but we have also signed letters to the JCVI MHRA RCOG Prime Minister and others to express their concerns but have received little to no response or action taken.

Our members created this video as they felt the need to voice their perspectives clinical experiences and serious ethical concerns. This was done in hope that our message is received and acknowledged by the relevant authorities with prompt and appropriate action taken.
This fulfils our duty  as outlined by the General Medical Council for doctors to take prompt action when we as clinicians see that patient safety is being compromised.

For any enquiries about DfPUK or our press release video contact [email protected]. Please review the information under our resources page for further information and our ‘videos’ page for our presentations on this issue.”

Here is what two of the group of doctors Dr. Rohaan Seth a former general practitioner and Dr Angus Dalgleish a consult medical oncologist said in the video. The readers are encouraged to press on the link where they can also find the video and listen to the whole video with the rest of the doctors speaking.

“Hi my name is Dr. Rohaan Seth. I’m a former GP. I relinquished my license to practice medicine in 2021 because I did not agree with many of the Covid policies the lockdowns the masking and primarily because of the vaccine roll-out. I think these vaccines are unsafe. They are not effective. The roll-out is unethical and unnecessary. It’s unnecessary to vaccinate children for Covid. It’s unethical to vaccinate pregnant women without any long-term studies. The harms being caused by these vaccines are quite apparent now. The excess deaths around the globe correlating with these vaccines roll-out. The media is silent about this. The data is alarming and the vaccines need to be stopped.”

“I’m Angus Dalgleish. I’m a professor of Oncology in St. George’s and a consult medical oncologist. I have started to notice that several of my patients of melonoma who’ve been stable with stage 4 disease. They have very good immuno therapy and other treatments and I’ve been reviewing them from five to twenty years I’ve noticed that I have now six possibly seven and even eight yesterday who clearly relapsed following the booster vaccine. At first we didn’t put the two together. But when patients said ‘I felt awful after taking the vaccine. I’ve just been drained.’ They described symptoms of what is called ‘long covid’ and the next thing we know two three weeks a couple of months later they’ve got clear evidence of relapse. And these relapses are quite aggressive. They are not a gentle relapse. They are relapses that are acquiring systemic therapy as opposed to a little nodule that requires a surgical incision. But it’s not just this. I am now very much aware of my own circle of many people who are having – they haven’t got melonoma – they never had anything before – but they’ve got lumps and bumps and they are not feeling well. And two people I have interviewed at great length they all put it down to feeling really awful after their booster. They were fine with the first two vaccines. They just had shivers flu etc but they’ve described feeling very tired very fatigued wanting to stay in bed and this has dragged on to the point where they’ve gone to the doctor and they had blood counts and investigations. And I now know seven of them – two of them have leukaemias and the others have lymphomas. One of them has a very bad myoloma. She is absolutely sure that it was instigated by the booster as she developed dreadful symptoms. So really I want to bring to everybody’s attention that I think that this does not look like a coincidence to me and we need to join forces and see if this is a real fact and if it is we must stop all the boosters immediately.”

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