The propaganda programme T13ttax is now pushing for Luciferianism.

The TVM propaganda programme T13ttax is now selling you Luciferianism. The goal is all the same like what is happening abroad: the normalising of Satan and Satanism while persecuting Christians and Christianity. I have already showed how Christians are being persecuted being even fired from their job and wrote about one of the after school Satan Club set up in America. Now these clubs targeted for primary school children are growing in popularity and are often being legally defended in their legal wins fighting for free speech. Because freedom of speech is now being used a la carte. If you believe in Christ and you utter your beliefs or oppose the LGBTIQA+ agenda and their agendas then you are dragged to court or fired from your job.

And how does Malta show us that it is part and parcel of the same agendas? Through the government’s propaganda mouthpiece the PBS station and the programme T13ttax. I did not know about this Luciferianism programme as I do not watch tv so I thank the Selesian Catholic priest who brought this to my attention in a prayer and social activity I attended. God bless these priests who are truly doing an excellent job in bringing the people closer to Christ and the Church. I call them God’s chosen shepherds.

This interview promoting Luciferianism was carried with Patrick Gaffiero the head of the Luciferian community in the world. In the interview Gaffiero said that he desires a temple for Lucifer believers in Malta and that the temple would serve as a meeting place for all Luciferianists. He also tried to make you swallow that Lucifer is not Satan and is a beautiful angel.

This programme put the national station PBS under fire again. PBS was under fire when the programme praising Hitler was aired and “persons in charge of the programme’s quality control had been asked to provide an explanation how this programme had passed their scrutiny. The producers and presenter of the programme had been informed that their shortcomings in this production amount to a serious breach and have been asked to provide an explanation.” The presenter John Demanuele issued an apology.

I here agree with Fr Joe Borg who in a post on Facebook “criticised PBS and TVM for airing the interview just weeks after the controversy surrounding the promotion of a Nazi propaganda book.”

And yet after the backlash that PBS received about the programme about Hitler for which there is an internal investigation PBS said that once this internal investigation is concluded it will “take all the necessary and adequate measures depending on the investigation conclusions” whose measures “may include the application of contractual consequences and disciplinary steps against those who were responsible to stop such content from being aired.”

And yet no one knows if this investigation has been concluded. And yet we had the airing of a Luciferianism program.

The agenda is clear and the links are clear. The government keeps on using your taxpaying-funded national station to programme you in favour of freemasonry Hitler and Luciferianism in the global push to normalise all that which is not godly and which is not coming from God and to push us away from our Lord the Saviour Jesus Christ in the continuous attack against Christ’s Church and His followers.

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