The UN or United Nations is not what it seems and it is not what it makes you think it is. No it is not committed to maintaining international peace and security and developing friendly relations among nations; promoting social progress better living standards and human rights. People think it is a force for good. The UN is truly set up as a central supranational government connecting all the other governing bodies. It is one of those at the top which are steering the ship on the command of the Elite Cabal.

Profs Simon Mercieca has written a blog informing you how the United Nations will be pushing the abortion agenda in Malta. Other agendas of the same United Nations have also been exposed in my writings. A look at its website is enough for one to understand that it is also pushing the agendas of the Globalist Elitist Cabal the shadow government who is truly commanding the world whose agendas we are currently being oppressed with like the climate change agenda and hate speech. The UN also supports the need to strengthen the ‘one health approach’ to prevent future pandemics as by the WHO. More of this later.

The UN chief the secretary-general Antonio Guterres has also addressed the World Economic Forum Davos meeting of this year. This should be enough to raise eyebrows.

On the eve of World Press Freedom Day he warned “that the media is under attack in every corner of the world and urged all nations to stop the targeting of truth and those who report it.”

He stressed that the freedom of the press which “is the foundation of democracy and justice” is under threat because ‘digital platforms and social media have made it easier for extremists to push false narratives and harass journalists.’
He added that “Truth is threatened by disinformation and hate speech seeking to blur the lines between fact and fiction between science and conspiracy.” Oh no. This is not the truth that they want you to truly know.
The questions that we should ask is what false narratives is he referring to? Is it challenging the Covid-19 vaccines? Is it challenging the climate change hoax and global warming hoax? Is it exposing corruption? Is it exposing the Elitist masterminds behind all of this chaos we are in which I will deal with in the future? Is it exposing the persecution of Christianity with Satanism on the rise? Is it challenging abortion and the fake ‘hate speech’ movement?

What they mean is that they want only to feed you their information which they call truth but which is masqueraded under a barrage of deceit falsehood and misinformation. It is this truth that the UN is after because according to them the truth that they want to sell you is being threatened by disinformation and hate speech. It is a pity that nowhere in his speech Antonio Guterres mentioned Julian Assange the founder of wikileaks who had published leak documents provided by the U.S. Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning which had an impact on political views. Assange has been imprisoned since April 2019 since the U.S. government charged him under the Espionage Act which has been criticised by editors from newspapers together with press freedom organisations as they claimed that the U.S. government is making an attack on the freedom of the press.

Be weary dear readers of those who refuse to criticise the UN. When a media does not address the privately unelected agencies such as the UN NATO the WHO and the UNICEF then you should question. These are all hidden in privately run councils. Councils like these are being selected like in communism not elected.

In reality the UN is a shill feeding misinformation so that the governments could use it as an evidence against the freedom movement like we have witnessed in the attack towards Fr David Muscat the attack towards PMnews journalists and in the continuous attack that this site receives with Profs Mercieca being called disgusting names thrashed and dragged to court while pseudo-media and pseudo-journalists who sell themselves to you as the arbiter of truth are keeping you in the loop of the agenda being pushed by the UN.

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