The contradictory statements uttered by Gafa’ and Philip Galea Farrugia against Yorgen Fenech are enough to raise doubt about Yorgen Fenech’s implication in Daphne’s murder.

Back in August 2022 Newsbook reported George Degiorgio vowing that they are not going down alone while “accusing the police of protecting the people he is willing to implicate in the 2017 murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.”

He “claimed he and his brother Alfred are being used as he made it clear that a prominent political figure approached him to carry out the murder only for the plans to be shelved. Degiorgio had said “he is prepared to testify against others he alleges are involved in the murder in exchange for a 15-year prison sentence ‘or maybe less’.”

“In the podcast Degiorgio claimed to have been paid a deposit in 2015 by a key Maltese political figurefor a separate aborted contract to kill Caruana Galizia.”

“During a meeting with the unnamed political figure Degiorgio settled on a €150 000 payment but the plans were later botched. Degiorgio said the same price was named for the 2017 plot that would ultimately lead to the car bombing of the journalist outside her Bidnija home.”

“Last year Vince Muscat told court of a separate plan to kill Caruana Galizia in 2015 during which the hitmen planned to use a AK47 rifle to kill the journalist. Muscat linked the botched plot to lawyer David Gatt and former economy minister Chris Cardona saying Gatt had visited a shed in Marsa where he and the Degiorgios would gather and told them that he was going to meet Cardona ‘because of Daphne.’
Cardona denies the accusations.”

But dear Lord who are in Heaven blessed be your name while your kingdom comes on earth and in our court can You please illuminate Lady Justice as it is clear on black and white that there is this unnamed political figure behind Daphne’s assassination and yet Lady Justice has refused to grant the Degiorgios bail; is refusing to believe their press release and is refusing to see that we have the same trio coming up: David Gatt Chris Cardona and the “unnamed political figure”. Don’t people see that Yorgen Fenech’s name never comes up?

But dear Lord who are in Heaven, how are we going to explain to Lady Justice that Yorgen Fenech is neither a political figure nor an “unnamed political figure”!

But wait a minute!  Do you remember the contradictory statements made by the deputy AG Philip Galea Farrugia and the €885 000 villa commissioner Gafa’? We know that the Degiorgio brothers have been hammering that they want to reveal more information and I am convinced that they hold the truth and the key to undo all this but they have been refused requests for a pardon in return for evidence implicating the unnamed political figure and the rest. For a change the Opus Dei acquaintance Philip Galea Farrugia had opposed the bail even though he admitted that it was true that there were “indications of the involvement of third parties” albeit he still believes the false narrative that Yorgen Fenech is implicated. But then we had the statement to the press by Gafa’ after the arraignment of Jamie Vella together with tal-Maksar brothers Robert and Adrian Agius that “We are in a position to say that every person involved be it mastermind or accomplice is under arrest or facing charges”.

What a conundrum! Galea Farrugia believes that Yorgen Fenech is implicated but there are more involved which means that the mastermind is still out there like Dr Charles Mercieca had stated but then Gafa’ said that everybody involved has been arrested!

Ħalluna naqra! So Yorgen Fenech was denied a change of judge from Judge Anna Fenech because she said that Fenech’s statements were contradictory but then the court does not question the two opposing contradictory statements stated by the deputy attorney general Galea Farrugia and Gafa’ in Yorgen Fenech’s case. The lack of consistency in the statements of Galea Farrugia and Gafa’ should already raise doubt and that both their statements do not hold!

So now we can state that apart from having the bigilla and galletti journalism we have the court that not only is selling bigilla and galletti on its stairs but now you can also order a platter served by Lady Justice hand in hand with Lady Omerta` in persona!

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