A former high-rank Freemason attorney John Salza exposes the incompatibility of being a Catholic in America and Freemasonry.

Former High rank Freemason turned traditional Catholic Attorney John Salza also an author of articles and books and involved in Catholic Apologetics a researcher and a speaker of various Catholic topics has exposed the evils of Freemasonry and reveals that they are the church of Satan. He adds that they are the greatest enemy of the church and the whole of society. In this first piece of many series he explains how Freemasonry has worked to subvert the Church and to destroy it as well as their impact on the whole Christian social order:

“I’m going to speak to you today about the errors of Freemasonry and the connection between Freemasonry Our Lady and the message of Fatima. As we know masonry is an enemy of the church and as we’ll learn today Our Lady has warned us for many centuries that freemasonry would penetrate the church would corrupt the hierarchy and lead souls to damnation. In this presentation I’m going to first talk about some very important historical points that connect masonry with Our Lady. I’m then going to talk about Masonic ritual and finally conclude with the effect that Freemasonry has had on the Catholic Church. So why am I qualified to talk about this? Well as John has indicated although I am a cradle Catholic, a lifelong Catholic, I also became a Freemason. Out of law school I was solicited to join Freemasonry by many Catholic men and that’s very common in America. It was presented to me as simply a social club an organization that would help me develop business contacts. And I was under the impression that American freemasonry differed from European freemasonry and that’s how it was explained to me. In fact seeking some council from parish priests they said the same thing. And so I didn’t feel the need to investigate it any further and in this period in my life I became a master mason a 32nd degree mason a member of the Shriners. I was a member of two Masonic lodges. I served as principal officer in one of those lodges. I was about to be elected worshipful master before I left and I received a very rare credential called the proficiency card which authorised me to instruct other masons in Masonic ritual. It literally requires a man to have committed to memory all of the rituals of Blue Lodge Freemasonry all of the positions. And that’s what I could do. So I know what Freemasonry teaches because I taught it myself.

As I said masonry in America is not deemed to be harmful. It seems to be simply a social organization and I’ve often asked myself why is that? Why is it perceived differently in Europe? And the reason is that America was never a Catholic country to begin with. America was founded by freemasons. And the ideology of freemasonry is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. For example the Establishment Clause where the government won’t respect any religion. That’s a denial of the social kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ; the Free Exercise Clause which gives man a right to practise any religion. Again contrary to the catholic faith. And so America lives the religion of freemasonry. That’s why masonry is not deemed to be a threat. And it was in fact the United States Supreme Court Justices who created the doctrine of seperation of church and state in the United States under presidents Roosevelt Truman Eisenhower all of whom were Freemasons they appointed and collectively 12 Supreme Court Justices all of whom were masons and from 1941 to 1971 masons dominated the Supreme Court. And through those judicial decisions they created the masonic doctrine of seperation of church and state.

Now Catholics of course should know better because there have been very infrequent condemnations of some other errors but not as many as Freemasonry. In my research I’ve discovered 12 popes issuing no less than 23 separate condemnations on Freemasonry and these teachings are considered part of the ordinary and universal magistracy theory of the Church. They’re binding on the souls of all Catholics. The Church has always been very clear about the Church’s position on masonry.”

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