Dr Fearne will you clarify your involvement in the Palazzo Promontorio scandalous deal?

Kenneth Rijock is a banking lawyer turned-career money launderer (10 years) turned-compliance officer specialising in Enhanced Due Diligence and Financial Crime Consultant. He is also the author of the book “The Laundry Man” and he also runs his financial crime blog.
He has recently covered the bribery scandal paid through Fearne’s staffer Carmen Ciantar in the VGH scandal. Now he has also covered another story which revolves around the same Fearne. Rijock specifies that the scandal “involving him and PALAZZO PROMONTORIO a luxurious estate that dates back to the times of the legendary Knights of Malta is very much real and totally incriminating to Fearne from a corruption standpoint.”

“Overlooking picturesque St. Paul’s Bay where the Apostle Paul was shipwrecked it is one of the most scenic vistas in Northern Malta. The palace which has long been a favoured wedding venue was purchased by a prominent Maltese construction magnate from the estate of the previous owner a professional gambler and bookmaker who recently died from cancer.

The new owner who reportedly purchased it for investment had divided the property into two luxurious residences.

One of the two residences has been allegedly designated for ownership by Deputy PM Fearne’s daughter who under no circumstances can afford to purchase any part of this property which has a value of many millions of Euros. Not coincidentally the builder has allegedly been involved in several major hospital construction projects all of which were Doctor Fearne’s domain as Minister of Health. Most legal observers regard the property transfer as a kickback to Fearne for steering what was significant business to the contactor.
There has been a minor hitch in conveyance of the significant segment of the palace to Fearne’s family; a title problem. A son born out of wedlock of the prior owner has objected to the purchase claiming certain rights of inheritance which has not only delayed the transfer it has highlighted the fact that Fearne is allegedly receiving a major portion without paying for it.As we have previously disclosed Fearne already has been under fire after details of what appear to be corrupt payments made to his mistress have surfaced resulting in general anger amongst Maltese voters.
Whether he can survive the multiple charges politically remains an open question; given the rampant corruption in Malta’s judicial system he will probably never be charged but whether the Labour Party will find a way to remove him from office is unknown.

Given Malta’s long and sordid history of political violence involving the use of the brutal Maltese Mafia we wonder whether he has taken precautions regarding his personal security.”

Dr Fearne can you clarify how you are involved in yet another scandalous deal?

Dr Fearne can you clarify as to how come you happened to be involved in this PALAZZO PROMONTORIO scandalous deal?


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