I thank Dr Joseph Muscat for confirming what I have been writing about freemasonry and for backing me up

A close friend once told me that I am a truth and spiritual warrior. She added that I will have a difficult path which is neither artifically blissful nor a pretense of forgiveness. This was years ago when I was going through a difficult time beyond my comprehension.

I was told that by this she also meant that I won’t be afraid of losing popularity when I speak Truth because I do not beat around the bush. Instead I embrace directness which is essential. I am neither afraid of divisiveness nor of my own shadow. Why spiritual? Because real spirituality is a search for truth in all its forms. She added that being a woman is a crucial aspect because when one woman rises the masculine energy awakens.
My honesty is my way to liberate humanity. I have no regard for vested interests that cause suffering.

My writings about freemasonry are not an opinion even though publishing sections dictate otherwise. I have always been very careful not to write an opinion. If I wanted to write an opinion then I would write elsewhere. What I do is I read and listen to everything and while I do I put myself out of it. Then I let the spirit guide and the spirit is guided by God. I want to go to bed knowing that whatever I write which appears under my name was meant to bring about a shift in the paradigm and was not an act of deviating but of responsibility.

My goal in this journey as a writer was always one: to give the readers the Truth. I was never interested in how many readers are reading my blogs [statistics] or to just stick to that which can be seen or understood. Hence it boils down to doing investigations or investigative journalism. It boils down to reading various books research papers and media articles. It boils down to a lot of research. It boils down to being inquisitive and noticing the pattern. It boils down to knowing what you are writing today which will connect you to what you will write tomorrow and the next and so on.
I have been mentioning freemasonry even indirectly in various blogs. I have also warned the readers why it is not the time to look at freemasonry in an objective way. The blogs about freemasonry from my end have yet to continue because I have a lot to show you so that you can learn like I did what is going on globally.

Hence I would like to thank Dr Joseph Muscat for backing me up. This is not another episode of the three I had in three days when you are backed up when it might be a little too late – this is an episode of when you are backed up when it is not too late. This is what Dr Muscat said:
‘But I will sue those who have fomented this ’ he said accusing his ‘unknown’ detractors as ‘freemasons’ an establishment well connected to the togas in court.”

What I would like to tell Dr Muscat is not to turn this into a political issue and that all freemasonry establishments are targeted. The Maltese nation deserves to know all those involved whatever the political colour. Malta needs a clean-up. Throughout the journey it might feel like an erupted volcano for Malta but it will be worthwhile because after the lava is released the soils will be fertile.

So to Dr Muscat and all the readers a thank you for following this site even on behalf of Profs Simon Mercieca and please continue doing so so whatever you need to take with you you take.

What I would like now is to ask Dr Muscat and all those who know what is going on or are realising now to not only back me up but to act in Jesus’s name through all the power capacity and authority you were given in whatever establishment you work or are and do the push back and fight this. It is time for the Maltese nation to start the road towards liberation before it is too late.

I will keep on showing you dear readers the truth. Please note that I want real justice and what I am doing it is not for myself but for Malta and humanity at large.

When lately I felt tired because I was becoming the victim of an external sabotage with lack of support across the board faith kept me going when I was guided to this Biblical quote from the Bible. [One day I might reveal how I get guided to Biblical quotes.] The quote in question was Ezra10:4 which reads:

“Arise; for this matter belongs unto thee; we also will be with thee: be of good courage and do it.” May this quote also resonate with whom it has to resonate.

God bless the faithful and His elected who are pushing the light forth. May Malta’s elected unite.

In Christ Marica


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