“And Our Lady asked Mariana just like She asked Lucia whether she was willing to sacrifice for the people of this time and she said she was. And similar to Fatima Our Lady continued to appear to Sister Mariana. For example in one of these apparitions she showed Sister Mariana Satan – the serpent engulfed in hell fire while she was in her cell similar to the vision of hell that the three sisters had. She also showed Sister Mariana the infant Jesus just like the infant Jesus appeared at Fatima with Saint Joseph. She identified herself as Our Lady of good success and she said that humanity must do penance in order to appease the wrath of God or they will be punished for their sins the same message of Fatima.

In another apparition Saint Gabriel appeared with a chalice with Our Lord’s blood in it in a ciborium of hosts very similar to the angel of Portugal. All of these prefigured Fatima and the message is the same.

In 1599 Our Lady told Sister Mariana that in 200 years Freemasonry would take control of the Ecuadorian government and persecute the church and she predicted that a future president Catholic president would be assassinated. This happened. Garcia Moreno, Catholic president was murdered in 1875 two years after he consecrated Ecuador to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and His heart is incorrupt.

And then in 1610 Our Lady gave an astonishing statement. She said Satan would reign almost exclusively through Freemasonry. Remember we are talking about the 20th century. Remember we are talking about the smoke of Satan, the smoke of Freemasonry entering the church. The wild boar will enter the vineyard corrupt the souls both lay and consecrated and lead them to damnation.

In this apparition Our Lady also warned that there would be a corruption of customs. The church calls them immemorial or ecclesiastical customs: the way we dress the necessity for women to cover their heads in church while they pray receiving communion kneeling on the tongue and so forth. She said in the 20thcentury there will be a profanation of the Eucharist. She said that hosts would be stolen and trampled underfoot which was nearly impossible until the abuse of communion in the hand was introduced in the 20th century.

She said the sacraments of baptism confession confirmation and extreme unction would fall into disuse. They would decline. She said that matrimony would be profaned. She said that the devil will attack priests will corrupt them will scandalize the faithful and lead souls to hell. In short Our Lady predicted that in the 20th century the church will be attacked by Freemasonry and it would cause a crisis in the faith. And in light of Fatima this means that the errors of Russia are the errors of Freemasonry a naturalism which the popes teach us leads to a practical atheism.

Now Our Lady’s warnings at Quito were confirmed by Pope Gregory the XVI in the 19thcentury when he discovered a document that is often known as the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Venditawritten by a version of Freemasonry called The Carbonari. And this was a blueprint for subverting the Catholic Church by infiltrating it with liberal ideas in effect to have a masonic revolution in the church.

The masons wanted to get into the seminaries into the monasteries. Even into the schools and they’ve always had a fanatical a desire to corrupt children and produce a pope that the document says would be according to our needs; a pope that would be sympathetic to humanitarian principles to liberty, equality, fraternity, human dignity – all at the expense of Truth.

Blessed Pius IX and Leo XIII ordered that the Alta Vendita be published and when blessed Pius IX wrote his Syllabus of Errors condemning religious liberty and indifferentism and pope Leo XIII wrote Humanum Genus they certainly had the Alta Vendita in mind. So what our Lady at Quito in the 16thcentury predicted was formally conceived by freemasonry in the 19th century to affect the church in the 20th century.”

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