When you are backed up when it might be a little too late – when I warned the nation and asked if the European Union as originally conceived is likely to fracture.

And so we have another “in true investigative journalism you are backed up when it might be a little too late” episode. Three in three days. With this rate dear readers I might have to produce a series.

Profs Simon Mercieca has given you another blog titled “Erdogan’s re-election is another sign that Europe is nearing its end”. I am not going into the merit of the Telegraph’s article about Erdogan because I am still currently studying and observing what is going on in the political arena. The repercussions good or bad of any will be seen in the near future. The one thing I know is that Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum is on record in an interview stating:

“The world will no longer be ruled by superpowers like America… The world will be in the hands of an increasingly shrinking pool of mega-corporations like Blackrock. To be managed controlled and exploited by a group of people with no loyalty to a nation borders religion or people.”


I remind the readers that Blackrock which I referred to slightly even in past blogs due to companies it happened to own:
is also the same company about which Croation MEP Mislav Kolakušić informed us that it has agreed with Zelensky to rebuild Ukraine after the war being the owner of the military industry. Now that it “will be the owner of the reconstruction industry as well the longer the war lasts and the greater the destruction the greater the profit both during the war and even greater after the war.”

Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić: “Was the war in Ukraine initiated by corporations in the same way they initiated and managed the pandemic?”But it also happens that this site has informed you about the fact that the European Union and Europe as we know it will come to an end. The blogs two in all published in September and October 2022 are:

Is the European Union, as originally conceived, likely to fracture? – part 1.

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