When the magazine “The Economist” warned you of the “Great Reboot” through the future of mind control

An attractive cover of the masonic magazine The Economist of 2002 featured a timer placed on a person’s forehead – a person who looks more like a robot.

The position featured on the scale is that of May 2002. If we add eighteen divisions – years to it we get 2020 the year when the biggest world masquerade in history started.

The red segment symbolizes the “Great Reboot” [or Reset?] which should be completed as officially announced by 2030.

Because achieving complete mind control is the main objective of the “reset ” we refer to the red zone of the timer as “The Future of Mind Control.” Of course this could also be referring to the brain microchip agenda.

Eighteen years had passed since the “Great Reboot” announcement.

They always tell you.

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