Three years into the biggest scam in history and Andrew Borg Cardona has failed the IQ test and yet he asks citizens to show him their University degree

On 5th May the Times blessed us with the announcement that Covid-19 is no longer a global health emergency as per announcement of the WHO.
I am not going to go into the article. My stance is known already. But some comments of the people speak for themselves:
But then it happened that to a comment of an aware citizen we get the reply of Andrew Borg Cardona of the saintly and polite comments. Clearly as the screenshot shows there were other comments of Borg Cardona but which were deleted but to which only the replies show:
Andrew Borg Cardona since when expertise is equivalent to a university degree? Andrew Borg Cardona since when can’t people with or without a university degree voice their opinion about the pandemic which happened to be one of awareness away from the propaganda and the supply of illusions?
Andrew Borg Cardona as much as you deem yourself an intelligent person clearly you are immersed in a deep illusion and you are in denial. Three years into the biggest scam in history and you still haven’t had one single brain cell which has moved away from the propaganda. Three years into the biggest scam in history and you are telling the citizens that instead of using your inquisitive brain and your self-authority you have trusted the so-called “experts” who know nothing about the real science and yet they told you to trust the science. Andrew Borg Cardona you resort to gaslighting people when it is clear that the supply of illusions given to you by the propaganda and the “experts” with their degrees tasted sweeter and whoever is attempting to destroy these illusions is a victim to be shamed by people like yourself!
Andrew Borg Cardona as Dr. Eli David stated: “Covid wasn’t a pandemic it was an IQ test. And most ‘experts’ failed the test” and you are one of those who failed the test and yet you pinpoint at those citizens who have not failed the test even though they might not have a University degree.

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