The belief that local feminist groups are speaking up for women’s rights is pathetic: they are entirely silent and cheering on biological men taking over the space of women!

Somebody spell this out for me. Biological women are being replaced by biological men in tights and heels. No local feminist is speaking up to destroy this narrative. So are we really still going to make the case that feminism supports women when the feminists Lara Dimitrijevic and her “Women’s Rights Foundation ” the facebook page run by her sister “Women for Women” and other feminist organizations are completely silent and cheering on biological men taking over the space of women?

“For the second year in a row USA TODAY has named a transgender woman to its ‘Women of the Year’ list meant to honour ‘heroines who make a positive impact in their communities every day.’” This year it was the turn of Rep. Leigh Finke who became Minnesota’s first transgender state lawmaker last year.

On 9th March 2022 Ebony reported that “EBONY’s 2021 Power 100 awardee MJ Rodriguez has been recognized as one of TIME’s Women of the Year. The honor is historic as she is the first Afro-latina trans woman to be named to the list.”

When the White House hosted the seventeenth annual International Women of Courage (IWOC) Awards ceremony which was hosted by first lady Jill Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken it got slammed by critics when amongst the 11 award recipients there was Alba Rueda a biological male from Argentina who is now a transgender woman.

In 2022 we had the case where a biological man is referred to as a high-ranking woman in the White House with USA Today deciding that Dr. Rachel Levine America’s first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the Senate is the woman of the year.

We also had the University of Pennsylvania nominating transgender swimmer Lia Thomas for the NCAA’s Woman of the Year award.

In Canada the chocolate company Hershey while launching its campaign “five limited-edition HER for SHE chocolate bars” across Canada to honour International Women’s Day decided that among the five women there will be Fae Johnstone a transgender and “2SLGBTQIA+ advocate” who is the executive director of a Canada-based nonprofit.

Then we get the transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney a biological male who is making loads of money being the “face of womanhood” for Nike Tampax Kate Spade and in the latest Bud Light ad:

Then we have again Michaela Jaé Rodriguez from ‘Pose’ who is the first trans actress to win a Golden Globe:

In this year’s London Marathon a two-time Olympian and trans-racer 54-year-old Glenique Frank has beaten nearly 14 000 women in the female category. Mara Yamauchi who finished sixth in the marathon of the 2008 Beijing Olympics lashed out at him stating that he used “girl power” to run the key UK race.

“Males in the [female] category is UNFAIR for females ” Yamauchi tweeted alongside a clip of the mid-race interview by the sports bra-wearing runner who also gushed about soon becoming “a gran.”

“Nearly 14 000 actual females suffered a worse finish position [because] of” Frank  wrote Yamauchi — who said that even when she was “ranked second in the world” as a woman “at least 1300 men ran faster than me.”

If for a millisecond the feminists think that they will get any support or sympathy from me then they must forget it! If for one millisecond the feminists think that they will have me at the front seat of their feminist cult pantomime then I tell them that I would rather sit at the back seat getting lost in the world of a book while munching popcorn which will be thrown up in a sickness bag if any of their no-brainer feminist statements happen to hit my eardrum! This also applies to the no-brainer statements that male and female politicians utter about “women’s rights” and “women’s empowerment” which make me feel as if being born a woman in this country is a curse.

Us women do not need a committee of women (and men) to dictate our rights. I for one thing do not respond to women (and men) like you who try to dictate to me. I carry my own responsibility which means I refuse to allow you to do the narrow nasty and negative thinking talking and naming for me. It means I use my own brains and intuition that is I grapple with hard work. It means us women are no victims and if we fall we rise up stronger. It means we are in control of our lives.

To Lara Dimitrijevic and all her cult-like followers I tell you that the women’s rights you talk about which you have boiled down to misandry easy contraception and abortion are in reality making life easier for men. You and your husband Aleksander with his “Men Against Violence” are running nefarious divisive agendas in a helter skelter war wearing Bonnie and Clyde masks robbing men and women of their brains. I am sick and tired of your feminism vs. masculinism. The future is not feminist. The future is not masculinist. The future is grounded spiritual humanity.

Clearly the time of feminists has passed. Their “feminist” agenda was merely a blip on the radar paving the way for what was to come.

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