More tips in the front cover of The Economist: “How to Win the Long War”

The Masonic magazine “The Economist” has been giving signs and predictions without us realizing.

Its tips in its front cover titled “How to win the long war” are the following:

I see a checkerboard which strangely enough is not of its usual squarish shape but it has the shape of a triangle which happened to be the symbol of the “secret” organization the Illuminati. They are telling you that they are in control as they always were and are. They are telling you that they are the Deep State behind the war. We are their slaves.

The checkerboard which is of course checkered is also as per the checkered floors of the Masonic Lodges. So the Illuminati and their servants the Free Masons or they might be one and the same are waging war against humanity.

They as powerful as they are which is beyond our imagination are telling you that we have a long war ahead. But what war are they talking about?
The one between Russia and Ukraine? The war of terror which they have inflicted on humanity? The war they are waging on our children? The war they are waging on our food system and supply chains? The war they are waging on men and women? The war that they have waged upon us all? Or are they planning a new war ahead?

Why do pawns get lesser in number the further away they get and the closer they get to the tip of the triangle?

We are just their pawns to be discarded and just a sick simulation in their mental hell where they sit at the table.

Time will unravel as to what are the tips that they are warning us about in the above.

They always tell you.

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