The story of Willie Garson: a fully vaccinated person who died after a “short illness”

What follows is another story in a series of stories that are being termed as coincideaths. The term coincideath is used for individuals who have taken the Covid-19 vaccines and experienced an abrupt death.

57-year-old actor of Sex and the City Willie Garson whose real name is William Paszamant is another of one of these coincideaths. His death is one of those post-injection deaths classified as “short illness”.

According to his Twitter account he had received his second Pfizer dose on 14thApril.

But in March his zealotry over vaccinations grew. This blogger has written about unpleasant people whose entire existences revolved around mask and vaccine worship regurgitating government and mainstream media propaganda and demeaning the unvaccinated. But going through Mr. Garson’s Twitter archive was actually challenging and stressful. He was very angry and bitter on social media.

Then despite the blatant risks to that person’s health and wellbeing he tried to forcefully coerce someone with pre-existing medical conditions to receive the viral vector DNA or mRNA injections.

Mr. Garson kept criticizing the non-vaccinated calling them “selfish and irresponsible.”

By July Mr. Garson had fully embraced his attack dog persona. He started out bragging about being Jewish and being a good Jew in comparison to other Jews.

When it came to virtue signalling and attacking the non-vaccinated Mr. Garson was powerless to resist. The non-vaccinated were referred to as “selfish” and “stupid” by someone who retweeted their tweet using the hashtag #TRUTH.

Then he dubbed the non-vaccinated people “idiots” and accused them of being to blame for his allegedly poor stock market investments.

Mr. Garson not only implied that he knows what’s best for everyone but also called every non-vaxxed person “willfully ignorant.”

Albeit having as many tweets as possible during Covid and post it was post-vaccination that the abrupt change started. In August he tweeted only 105 times compared to 1 768 times in January for example. Then that number dropped to only four times in September with his final tweet on 4th September showing some sign of human decency where he had a change of mind and suddenly decided to preach to others that we should all be kind to each other just like he was towards the unvaccinated:

It was on 20th September when his death was announced by the mainstream media reported as having died of a “short illness”.

Surely if one counts the days from when one takes the second or third dose to the day when the vaccinated dies then the period would be so short then for the media to come up with this “short illness” term must make some kind of sense.

Calling the non-vaccinated “selfish ” “stupid” “idiots” and “willfully ignorant” for not swallowing the lie and for trying to warn the vaccinated that if they do they might die (of a short illness for example) is truly “selfish” “stupid” “idiotic” and “willfully ignorant.”

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