The Maltese Socialist Government turned the Worker’s Day celebration into a farce and here are the reasons why.

Worker’s Day (Jum il-Ħaddiem) has become a farce thanks to the current arrogant and corrupt Socialist government. Our government has turned our country into a colony of the EU. Malta is no longer run by the Maltese. Instead our “socialist” government governs Malta in cahoots with the elites of the world in a well-planned and coordinated global effort to force upon us manufactured crises that would be a financial opportunity for the few at our cost.

This corrupt “socialist” government promised the Maltese nation meritocracy but what has become of our rights? Robert Abela’s government has become the loudspeaker of the rich and turned socialism into a joke. Governing became a farce as our policies are being dictated by a murderous green agenda and climate change hoax.

Our “socialist” government has learned how to programme its people to live in fear. It is through fear that this corrupt government can remain in power. This is not only a government that is a master of deceit. This government has learned how to enslave people by selling the lie that “basic human liberties are contingent upon consumption of a product from a giant pharmaceutical company that is in bed with the government who made this product off taxpayer money that is shielded from liability from their customers by the government” (Dave Smith). If you believe this lie sold to you you might as well be called a Fascist.

This corrupt “socialist” government told you to stay locked at home and shut your business but you can go on the balcony to clap to safeguard your health while still selling you experimental lethal Covid-19 vaccines. At the same time this corrupt “socialist” government is failing to tell you that your loved ones are being maimed or killed with the experimental lethal Covid-19 vaccines and who is making a fool out of you by not publishing the excess deaths in Malta since their roll-out.

This corrupt “socialist” government sacrificed the well-being of children on the altar of “the science” and is continuing to damage your children’s mental health and confuse their sexuality and gender with the filthy LGBTIQA+ agenda so that it negatively trains them to befriend their confusion while harming the decent ones of the same community. However Robert Abela can do this because he sells his government as one willing to listen.
Our “socialist” politicians value their pockets and the next election more than the lives of the people they represent or serve while throwing development down the drain because the end justifies the means. Moreover they are in the shadow of big businessmen where the impoverishment of the shadow is not changing the substance.

Malta today is led by a government that is woke. Woke essentially means a state of awareness only achieved by those dumb enough to find injustice in everything except their behaviour. Woke is a system that promises you the bond of fate while it makes potions and casts evil spells and omens.

Malta’s government has endorsed the tyranny of Communism which is as old as the Pharaohs and the Pyramids. In simple words “the State stands above all men and their individual aspirations” (Robert Kennedy) since “the goal of socialism is communism” (Vladimir Lenin). Like Communism Socialism picks and chooses statements of only those who happened to speak against its nefarious agenda and are not on its good books and labels them as “hate speech” because the truth is the new hate speech. Truth is the speech they hate in a world where truth has been turned into hate.

We live in a “socialist” state where renting and buying property has become unaffordable and a luxury. If you manage to buy one you must enslave yourself for all your life and the property is never yours since it is registered with the government under the Land Registry Act. But the government keeps promising to solve homelessness while making you pay more taxes to change the earth’s temperature.

This corrupt “socialist” government turned our beautiful country into a public toilet. Under corrupt socialist regimes workers are not only paid peanuts for breaking their backs but the government makes sure their salaries do not improve since it allows the precariat to flourish. This is why “socialist” governments can question and investigate individuals but they do not want to be investigated and call their opponents conspiracy theorists. This explains why under “socialist” governments certain privileges and high salaries are for the friends of friends of the government ministers but not for the common and law-abiding citizens.

The rich in Malta are becoming more affluent the poor are becoming poorer and the middle class is being annihilated. At the same time our socialist government coerced people to keep their jobs by submitting themselves to the Covid-19 vaccine protocols while many workers who refused such protocols lost their job.

All true patriots must protect their country from arrogant and corrupt governments. But unfortunately the Maltese government is full of corrupt politicians in the pockets of corrupt business people. Yet these corrupt politicians and their business friends are asking the workers to celebrate their day. Nevertheless the reason for the celebration is not to commemorate the workers’ achievements but like Napoleon in Animal Farm to ensure that this socialist government remains eternally in power by buying the workers’ vote by panem et circenses.

This government does not honestly give a shit about the well-being and rights of the Maltese workers. So dear government “I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master. I want the full menu of rights” (Archbishop Desmond Tutu).

Unfortunately the Opposition is in the pockets of this corrupt government. Our two traitorous parties sold Malta to the EU so that unelected bodies and elites could own it.

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