Rishi Sunak’s name was added to the list under investigation by the Standards Commissioner – will our Standards Commissioner investigate the income accounts and renting agreements of our politicians?

Rishi Sunak is also “facing a probe by the Commons sleaze watchdog into claims he failed to declare his wife’s interest in a childcare business.
Parliamentary commissioner Daniel Greenberg is investigating following criticism that the PM did not mention Akshata Murthy’s stake in Koru Kids when discussing the £4billion childcare boost in the Budget.”

Akshata Murthy is Sunak’s wife and she is also the daughter of billionaire Indian IT mogul Narayana Murthy. This is not the first time Sunak has felt embarrassed by Ms. Murthy’s financial dealings. When it was discovered that she had non-dom tax status in shares she owned in a collapsed company that had gotten nearly £300 000 in taxpayer-funded loans through programs set up by Mr. Sunak himself when he was the chancellor he found himself in a contentious situation in 2022.

“Downing Street flatly denied he had broken any rules at the time arguing that the matter only needed to be declared on the ministerial register.” According to Downing Street Sunak had not broken any rules in not mentioning his wife’s shareholding in the childcare business Koru Kids.
Koru Kids is one of the six childminder agencies listed on the Government’s website. It is based in London and set to benefit from the major shake-up of the childcare sector by Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt but it also happened to be the agency in which Sunak’s wife invested £4 billion and in which she is listed as a shareholder. However Sunak “forgot” to declare this investment of his wife.

This failure of his to notify MPs specifically about his wife’s interest led to demands for Sir Laurie who is Sunak’s independent adviser on ministers’ interests to investigate.

Sunak explained that his disclosures are not all declared in a normal way. However since May of last year when Boris Johnson was still the prime minister no new version of the ministerial register has been released. Sunak said that a new list would be published “shortly ” insisting that the interest had been “rightly” disclosed to the Cabinet Office in a letter to the cross-party Liaison Committee that was made public and adding that he was being questioned by the Committee in his capacity as Prime Minister.

Rishi Sunak is putting the Conservative government in one scandal after the next. Instead of focusing on the country and its people Sunak is more focused on how his government and himself will save their own skin.

The above has now seen Rishi Sunak’s name added to the list under investigation by the Standards Commissioner.

In lieu of the above will our Standards Commissioner Chief Justice Emeritus Joseph Azzopardi investigate the income and accounts of our politicians like that of Dr Chris Fearne and that of Prime Minister Abela? Can the Maltese nation get to know if the serious accusations that Abela is in league with criminals and is involved in money laundering are true? Did he as a world leader take bribes from Big Pharma to force the Maltese nation to take the death vax?

Can we get to know how come did Dr Fearne’s net worth grow from $1 million to $5 million since this was not denied by Fearne himself? Are there any shares involved in some pharmaceutical companies or in some imported medicine? Did Fearne make millions selling out to Big Pharma by locking down people and forcing them to take the death vax?

Can we get to know if all the politicians are declaring all their income? Can we get to know if any rent agreement that they have is registered with the Commissioner for Revenue?

These “public servants” of your “holy” government have failed us and have sold us out to private and unelected bodies: the UN the WEF and the WHO. And while we live on bread crumbs they enjoy the biggest fresh piece of bread. And while they gather taxes from each and every one of us they evade theirs. Then this means that for us to pay taxes to a corrupt government full of corrupt politicians is not patriotic – it is slavery.


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