Is the avian flu the upcoming new pandemic which the media has been referring to as Disease X?

This site has already written about the rise of the avian flu in birds and how many have been culled in order as they tell us to stop this spread.

In 2022 the U.S. even considered vaccinating the birds with avian flu vaccines against the bird flu. You cannot make this shit up even if you want to. This is another Marek’s roulette where the chickens might end up as dangerous for meat consumption as the same injections are.

And so did the EU farm ministers:

Shouldn’t we be concerned considering that even pigs are being injected with mRNA vaccines?

On 6th March the European Commission news portal reported that “Bird flu is on the rise throughout the world and the consequences for both migratory birds and domestic poultry are devastating.”

“In Europe over 2 467 outbreaks were reported in poultry in 2021-2022 resulting in the slaughter of 48 million domestic birds in 37 countries. It was the largest bird flu epidemic so far observed on the continent. In Germany alone 2.3 million birds were destroyed in 2021.”

It added that “until this decade bird flu was a sporadic visitor to Europe” but now “farmers face the constant threat of business disruption” and that “the high costs of cleaning and disinfecting barns after an outbreak must be borne primarily by the farmer” since “after a cull farms are prohibited from keeping animals for about 30 days.” This means that it is the farm which ultimately pays the price of this.

The EU portal added that this is partly to blame for the current high prices of chicken meat and eggs and the shortages on supermarket shelves.
On 30th March we read that “the Commission will provide €27 2 million to Italy to help compensate farmers in areas affected by outbreaks of avian flu. Financed by the agricultural reserve the payments must be made to farmers by 30 September 2023.”

The article also states the following:

“Then there’s the worry of infection spilling over into the human population. Given the opportunity the virus could mutate and become more infectious to humans perhaps even triggering a pandemic.

All of which makes EU scientists intent on finding ways to bring bird flu to heel.

Transmission of the virus happens in two ways – directly with airborne particles of it moving from bird to bird and indirectly through contaminated material such as farm equipment. But until recently the exact mechanisms of transmission have remained poorly understood.”

Isn’t this a repeat of Covid-19? The culprit now is not the bat or the laboratory as they wanted us to swallow but the chicken. Didn’t we see in the film Contagion that the disease in question which was being combatted was the bird flu?

While informing us that “Europe is experiencing its largest-ever avian flu outbreak in birds ” the media portal Politico adds that although sometimes we cannot see a pandemic coming sometimes we can and hence “experts are keeping their eye on other potential outbreaks and right now there’s one prime candidate: bird flu.” It adds that sometimes the bird flu or avian influenza “jumps into humans – and when it does it is often fatal” and thus “researchers have been working to have human vaccines on standby just in case.”

The World Economic Forum kicks in as well. On 29th March its article titled “Human bird flu vaccines under development  plus the other health stories you need to know about” informs us that Big Pharma is preparing human bird flu vaccines and that “Some of the world’s leading makers of flu vaccines say they could make hundreds of millions of bird flu shots for humans within monthsif a new strain of avian influenza ever jumps across the species divide. Three major vaccine manufacturers say they are already developing or about to test sample human vaccines that better match the circulating subtype as a precautionary measure against a future pandemic” because “in a pandemic vaccine manufacturers would shift production of seasonal flu vaccines and instead make shots tailored to the new outbreak when needed. They already have the capacity to make hundreds of millions of doses.”

Doesn’t all this sound like a new upcoming pandemic to you?

Is this the disease X that media portals have talked about since 2021?

Why has it now reappeared on one of the British tabloid on 20th March whereby the statement posed is “Disease X is coming” and the question asked is “Are we ready for the next pandemic?” Why are there birds flying around?

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