Moroccan football fans of different football teams are well-known for chanting against their government and corruption at the stadiums. Some famous recorded chants are:

In Casablanca: “In this country we live in darkness. We ask for salvation. Give us victory our Lord. They spent on us drugs from Ketema. The left us like orphans. They’ll be accountable on Judgment Day. You wasted our talent destroyed it with drugs. How do you expect it to show? You squandered the country’s wealth gave to foreigners suppressed a generation. You killed our passion. You started the provocations.”

In Tangier: “This life [in Morocco] is not ok. It’s the reason for migration. Congrats the country is empty. No health or education just bribery and corruption. We’re patient and our Lord is generous and they [the government] eat people’s livelihood. And if you see the stadiums empty it means your sons have migrated I.R.T. [Ittihad Riadi Tanger] my love and the one who my heart is with her she’s always on my mind as I cross the sea. Forgive me mother. By God it wasn’t by choice [migration]. They gave us no employment but want to draft me into the army. Love for the nation is in my heart. Only God knows. Red and green is our flag. The money is in projects children are in the streets they live like victims.”

In Rabat: “You made us live delusions and starved us like dogs. A goverment of corruption they left us in poverty. Impoverishment and marginalisation a zero-cratic state. And if the people want to live they need to speak for themselves enough of the silence. The sons of bitches have become tyrants over us. They left us only scraps. Where is the equality? Theft from the front and behind and the MPs sleep in the parliament. Now we’re fed up had enough. Black army [ultras] came to rescue us and today we’ve come. Your laws don’t scare us. Freedom and dignity. I want to live in my country in peace.”

In Casablanca: “Everything [resources] is exported and the people live in subjugation. Do I speak or remain quiet? Some live in graves others live in palaces. Do I speak or remain quiet? Some live in graves others live in palaces. I’m not at ease in the land of the criminals. Don’t dream of paradise. We’ll hold you to account in front of God. The rates of unemployment; hospitals are broken. Everything has become private. Hospitals are broken. Everything has become private. The country has become more corrupt. Wake up you officials. The youth have all migrated. They ran away from the country. The youth have all migrated. Some crossed the sea. Some drowned.”

In Tangier: “This is a land of suppression and tears were shed in it. Life in it is bitter. They didn’t lie when they said they [the government] killed us with empty promises. We didn’t see anything in this country. They [the government] killed us with empty promises. We didn’t see anything in this country. In Mawazine[music festival] Shakira was given a million. Our demands are small. You burned us with increased prices. By God it’s a big mafia. Everyone has become a crook.”

This should be happening in every stadium in every country against all corrupt governments the crooks and their cronies. The Maltese supporters did once, as a protest that had happened in the Empire Stadium on 2nd March 1945 before the friendly match between Malta and the famous team of Hadjuk Split because the Maltese National Anthem was not played on that day. This is proof in Rużar Briffa’s poem “Jum ir-Rebħ”:

But where is the Maltese nation today? It is morbidly compliant and drooling all over itself applauding their beloved political bribed puppets and parties, the crooks and their cronies. Shame on the land of the obedient and the pseudo-free.

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