The crowd should stop following the pseudo-gurus – when the Dalai Lama encouraged the people to take the deadly Covid-19 vaccines.

Why people look up to these gurus like the Dalai Lama and Sadhguru is beyond me.

Some comments and posts of people defending the Dalai Lama’s “suck my tongue” request to a young child are also beyond me. When children are involved our reaction should be outrageous. No excuses. No reasoning.

And yet people still look up to him and defend him and shout at the top of their lungs “How dare you criticize St. Tenzin Gyatso”? (alias the Dalai Lama). Rest assured that if it was a Catholic priest or any Christian it would have been all over the media with the massacre of the person involved guaranteed and the square is already being prepared for the execution.

But the Dalai Drama is sacred holy and it is fine for him to ask children to suck his tongue.

Here is the guru his holiness my foot Tenzin Gyatso encouraging the people to take the deadly experimental Covid-19 vaccines when he received his.

These godjectified creatures are all pseudo-teachers flawed human beings and during these times they are all revealing themselves as just puppets of the Deep State.

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