Predictive Programming in the 2012 film “The Hunger Games” and how the masses are unknowingly leading the world into a Communist trap.

The 2012 film “The Hunger Games” is a propaganda movie which starts showing a starving crowd at the beginning of the movie in which announcer Claudius Templesmith explains why everyone must starve and fight for food. The goal of the speech is to persuade the oppressed people that they are to blame for their starvation and that they must atone for their disloyalty to the government by participating in The Hunger Games. For their prior rebellion they must “offer up in tribute” to the ruling class.

In the film the Elites live lavishly in wealth and an abundance of decadence indulging in an endless supply of delectable food and treats while the majority of people are enslaved in squalor filth and poverty starving all day. In all 13 districts prison guards are on duty day and night to keep the crowds in check.

It should be noted that a monstrously overdressed and over-made-up Elite representative selects the name of the next victim who will compete in The Hunger Games out of a fishbowl at the beginning of the movie knowing full well that this person will almost certainly be killed in the games with perverse delight. The stark contrast between the games’ gory nature and how the Elite view their chosen “tribute ” who is nothing more than a Satanic human sacrifice to The State underlines how callously indifferent The Elite are to the people they are slaughtering in the name of obtaining worship from their government.

The horrifying government official even exclaims “Ladies first!” as she names the next victim of The Hunger Games as the populace who are all wearing purposefully dreary gray clothing watch in horror.

The entire fiasco is reminiscent of a concentration camp run by the Nazis.

This is the pinnacle of Hollywood mind control and predictive programming and it shows how the sleeping masses of these times are being led into the Communist trap without themselves knowing!

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