Lovin Malta’s hypocrisy is brazen.

Lovin Malta has recently come up with another poll:

This site has already spoken about the fake meat agenda and how lab-grown meat is part of this agenda which is the opposite of health. Eating from the Earth is always healthier than eating anything that is lab-grown.

The mainstream media is of course feeding you this narrative and this is one of the ways it does it. Now the concept of lab-grown meat is not something new or latest. It had got off in 1990s but it took off in 2013. The difference now is that it is being further pushed on the people.

Where does the brazen hypocrisy of Lovin Malta lie? While this media is now pushing for this agenda encouraging you all to become non-meat eaters specifically to become vegans and vegetarians I remind the Maltese nation that this same media back in July 2021 had blamed the non-vaccinated for the closure of a vegan restaurant in Qawra:

So while back then Lovin Malta blamed vegan unvaccinated tourists for the closing of this popular vegan restaurant in Malta why is it now pushing for a vegan agenda via this unhealthy lab-grown meat? Shouldn’t its poll read “Would the vaccinated eat lab-grown meat”?

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