Details for all those covid-19 vaccine injured British people who would like to be part of the class action lawsuit against AstraZeneca

Some Covid-19 vaccine injured readers of my blog “The vaccine injured have filed a class action lawsuit against AstraZeneca in the UK while Australia has stopped its administration” are reaching out as they want to join the cause due to the injuries that these vaccines have caused them.

I have done some research and these are the details and solicitors in charge which can also be found in the link at the end of the blog:

“The claimants are pursuing a two pronged strategy: taking legal action under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 as well as claiming payment under the government run Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme. The scheme has paid out in several cases but is limited to £120 000 per claim and applicants must prove severe disablement.1Payment under the scheme does not preclude a claim for personal injury through the courts. Those taking action under the Consumer Protection Act must show that the vaccine was not as safe as the public were entitled to expect.

Peter Todd a consultant solicitor with Scott-Moncrieff & Associates one of two lawyers handling claims told The BMJthat the complications included stroke heart failure and leg amputations. He said the technology involved in the AstraZeneca vaccine was “risky.”

Even though the legal claim is against AstraZeneca the UK taxpayer will have to pay any compensation awarded under a legal indemnity that the government gave the company early in the pandemic.

In response to a freedom of information request NHS Business Services which operates the vaccine damage scheme revealed that by 6 March 2023 the scheme had received 4017 claims relating to a covid-19 vaccine. Of those which had been dealt with 622 concerned the AstraZeneca vaccine 348 the Pfizer and 43 the Moderna vaccine. Of the 4017 claims 334 were for a death.

Sarah Moore a partner in the Hausfeld law firm whose clients are also taking legal action said the maximum £120 000 payment from the scheme was “nothing” in cases where the person who was injured or died was a breadwinner. “Many were parents and many were caregivers ” she said.”

I truly wish all those Covid-19 vaccine injured courage strength hope health and blessings.

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