When Dr Bill Deagle warned the population in a speech about what Big pHARMa and “they” want to do with vaccines.

It was a little over a decade ago when in 2012 Dr Bill Deagle an American warned the population in a speech about what Big Pharma and “They” want to do with vaccines.

He spoke out about the plans for “vaccines” and how they would be applied to the world’s population. Unfortunately not only was his message suppressed but many people who heard it did not pay attention to it.

He also talked about the design of such vaccines to alter human DNA utilizing Artificial Intelligence technology and inject humans with cancer cells.
His explanation has been thankfully kept.

His speech was as follows:

“National Health Care – now most people say ‘We have suffered so long. Canadians have got national health care the British have got the National Health Service we’ve got to have national health care. And Henry Clinton tried to bring national health care in with the electronic medical record the EMR. The EMR is an electronic choker chain on your doctor which if they don’t do what the medical commanders tell them they will yank their license they will yank their chain they will prosecute them and then imprison them.

So a large and very powerful leg of the New World Disorder is your doctor because most of the really bad things they want to do to you including the implantation of chips vaccines that are psychotronic that will rewire your brain vaccines that would insert DNA to alter your genetics vaccines that will cause cancer vaccines that will program you so that you will be actually desensitized or what I call brain tenderized to EMF technology to transfer your thoughts mind and your body and control and your very physiology using scalar technologies. All of these have been developed and your doctor will administer them.

Just like the Big Pharma drugs that are being administered that are slowly killing our elderly population and turning them into demented fools. If you think that politics is corrupt, medicine is a thousand times more corrupt. Thousand because the victims are either dead, dying or wish they were.”

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