Another sudden and unexpected death: this time of a 32-year-old Maltese mother – the local media remains uninquisitive and the government is not doing any investigation

Newsbook and Lovin Malta have reported the death of a 32-year-old Maltese mother who died suddenly. While Newsbook and Lovin Malta did say that the woman died suddenly and unexpectedly but without questioning what has caused this sudden death in such a young woman kept it hushed which proves that its obituary of sudden and unexpected deaths is much larger than we think:

While Lovin Malta reported that it is a sudden death in its headline:

Newsbook in its caption wrote “Jitħabbru d-dettalji tal-funeral tal-omm ta’ żewġ ulied li mietet ħabta u sabta nhar il-Ġimgħa li għadda fl-eta’ ta’ 32 sena.” [The details of the funeral of the mother of two children who have died suddenly and unexpectedly last Friday at the age of 32 were announced.]

Stephanie Polidano is a 32-year-old mother of Denise and Julia who died suddenly and unexpectedly. Her death was announced by her husband Gordon Polidano the son of the businessman Charles “iċ-Ċaqnu ” Polidano on Saturday 22nd April.

Another innocent life was taken away leaving behind two children a husband and other family members.

The mourning husband wrote “You have shocked everyone” and Lovin Malta further reported that:

“Since this morning a number of other tributes have started pouring in for the young wife and mother with her family and loved ones saying that while they “wanted an answer” to this shocking end.”

While sending sincere condolences this site is once again asking why the media is not being inquisitive why the people are not yet questioning while comments of “R.I.P.” flood the articles why we are having so many sudden deaths even in young adults and why the government is not doing any investigation into such deaths?

Doesn’t this point to the fact that the elephant in the room is being left in the closet?

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