An Ohio doctor who jokingly wrote his obituary after taking the Moderna shots died eleven weeks later at the age of 48.

Dr Thomas Lee Flanigan was known by many for his humour and his Facebook memes so it wasn’t surprising when his patients friends and family members found out that he had written his own obituary in a way that only he could.

He jokingly wrote after taking the Moderna shots his obituary which was shared on

“Well that’s it. I have completed my shift as the great American cliché. In the spirit of what turned out to be my last New Year’s letter my wild and crazy life has again taken a new unexpected turn with my shocking and unexpected yet fabulous exit.”

Flanigan wrote that he has ‘joined the likes of Princess Diana John Belushi and Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter in leaving while still at the top of my game as an iconic superhero who seemed almost too good to be true’.

‘It was a good run. No a great run but I can’t take all the credit. Northern Michigan University and my Lambda Chi Alpha brothers Wayne State University Medical School The United States Army colleagues various celebrities random cartoon characters people who make memes Russians and other friends and family all contributed ’ he wrote.

Eleven weeks later this Ohio doctor died at the age of 48.

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