The sheer hypocrisy and colonial mentality of Robert Abela the PN the coalition and the local media.

When the story of Rosianne Cutajar came out my thoughts went back to when our local media published the story of Finland’s prime minister Sanna Marin whose video showing her dancing and partying with a group of friends and celebrities created controversy across the world.

In the wake of such video Sanna Marin underwent a comprehensive drug test for the presence of various drugs like cocaine amphatamine cannabis and opioids which they said came out negative.

Less than a week later prime minister Sanna Marin ended up apologising again for another matter: this time a controversial photo which was taken at her residence which shows two women kissing lifting their tops to show their naked breasts which they cover with a “Finland” sign. This photo was circulated by the Finnish media. Marin confirmed that this photo was taken at her official residence in Kesaranta by her “friends” who were “spending the evening” at her residence and “going to the sauna”.

An editorial in Finland’s largest media portal Helsingin Sanomat said that Marin did not appear to be “in control” and more pictures and videos from her private life could end up in the public domain.

I am not going to go into how the Labour empire has dealt with Rosianne Cutajar. Nor will I go into how the spineless Labour Emperor and the cruel Executive have acted towards Rosianne Cutajar. That is a puppet show on its own but with a puppeteered agenda in the foresight.

But in lieu of this can the media the PN and the coalition explain what law was broken by Rosianne Cutajar? What abuse of power did she commit?

What if someone had to publish any private chats of any PN member of parliament? How would they react?

What if we had to have the exchanged chats between those responsible behind the plot to remove the democratically elected Dr Adrian Delia?

What if we had to have the exchanged chats between those responsible behind the abortion agenda or the LGBTIQA+ agenda?

What if we had to have the exchanged chats between those responsible for the Steward/Vitals corrupt deal?

What if we had to have the exchanged chats between Mark Camilleri and that/those who forwarded him the chats?

What if we had to have the exchanged chats of any corrupt deal or any evil agenda of past and present?

Do they have respect for a woman who is carrying a child and life in her sacred womb like Rosianne Cutajar? And then they came out saying that this is not an attack against women and this is not an act of misogyny! Who do they want to lead by the nose? Do they think we are stupid? Rest assured that if this was an abortion case like that of Prudente we would have Lara Dimitrijevic saying that this is an abuse of women’s rights. For the hypocritical Dimitrijevic whose daughter dated Mark Camilleri Rosianne Cutajar is not a woman and does not have any rights to defend in this case.
Do those who took sides especially those who are anti-abortion who ended up siding with the pro-abortion mob realise that they were being played by the coalition’s spin?

Why wasn’t the Finnish Prime Minister condemned in the same way? Why was this prime minister defended locally and so was her private life as the following title by the local Independent shows?

One might say that the contexts are different. Granted. But we are here analysing while tapping on matters of privacy which are present in both contexts. Consistency and attitude was not the same from those who claim that they are all out against corruption and in favour of the Rule of Law.
For the Labourites you must understand that your party is not running the country. The coalition is in cahoots with all the evil agendas. The coalition thinks of itself as superior than you and above the law itself because they want to convince you that only they are capable of running the country.
And while distracting you with the whole story they did not keep you focused on the fact that they are promoting criminality and the criminal act committed by Mark Camilleri who as the coward as he is has asked to testify by video link in the libel hearing. Clearly Camilleri is a keyboard warrior: he hides himself behind a keyboard publishing chats but then he is not ready to be present and face Cutajar and the court. What a clownish castrated puppet! This decision was defended by his lawyer Joseph Mizzi as being the reason for the fact that he had more to say about the case. When asked where Camilleri is living the lawyer did not respond.

What sheer hypocrisy and colonial mentality.

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