The vaccine injured have filed a class action lawsuit against AstraZeneca in the UK while Australia has stopped its administration.

Even the BBC is being forced to report on the staggering number of deaths and injuries brought on by the experimental Covid-19 vaccines.
AstraZeneca is the subject in question. This is after the vaccine injured have filed a class action lawsuit against AstraZeneca in the UK.
“Lawyers acting for families of alleged victims of the AstraZeneca vaccine are urging anyone who feels may have been affected to come forward. Two law firms are planning legal action for compensation on behalf of dozens of families whose loved ones died or suffered ill health after having the vaccine lawyers claim as a result of the AstraZeneca jab. But there’s a time limit to register a claim.”
This is because you have a period of three years from when you suffer an injury to bring a claim. If these injuries were say suffered two years ago since the roll-out of these vaccines then it means that those affected have another one year to file this claim.
“The government says that these vaccines have undergone robust trials and met strict safety standards. AstraZeneca says patient safety is its highest priority and nearly 50 million doses of its vaccine have been given in the UK.”

What a big fat lie! At the time of such news the Daily Mail also reported that “the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine linked to a very rare but serious side-effect has been quietly discontinued from use in Australia” after “the federal health department confirmed that from March 20 the vaccine sold under the brand-name Vaxzevria would no longer be available to Australians.”
While this is surely some good news some questions remain. Why is all this hitting the media now when many people were warning others that all the Covid-19 vaccines are experimental and when the same media pushed for this vaccine worldwide? The media cannot be more hypocritical than this while clearly this shows that the media has lied to the people when it advertised the AstraZeneca vaccine. Will AstraZeneca still be permitted to operate as a company? These giant pharmaceutical companies have often been taken to court in the past and found guilty and yet they continued to operate.
Why is the attack directed only towards the AstraZeneca vaccine? What about Pfizer Moderna J&J Sputnik and all of the other experimental Covid-19 vaccines which were injected inside the people’s bodies?
Apart from being given monetary compensation how can better justice be brought forth in the name of those killed or maimed by the Covid-19 vaccines? Those killed will not come back. Those maimed will not regain their health.
Are there any Maltese vaccine injured from any brand of Covid-19 vaccine given who are ready to join forces and file a lawsuit against these giant pharmaceutical companies the local Health Authorities and the Government?

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