France is becoming more of a totalitarian state while building cages around the people.
Ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympics where millions will descend on the French capital French legislators have passed a controversial bill to power up police surveillance using artificial intelligence. “The law will allow authorities to use software to identify potential threats such as dangerous crowd movements and abandoned bags. It forbids the use of biometric identification such as facial recognition but activists argue it nevertheless opens the floodgates to potentially discriminatory and privacy-harming automated surveillance.”
“Noémie Levain of data rights group La Quadrature du Net calls the bill ‘the worst technological turning point of the last few years in France‘”.
“‘We’re giving the police immense powers of analysis and inspection over us and over our bodies ’ she said. ‘This law hides this under the pretence of experimentation.’”
“Meanwhile MP Philippe Latombe who is in favour of the bill argues that safeguards exist so that only companies that adhere to French and European Union regulation and keep data on French soil will be allowed to provide the software.”

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