A look at the 5G saga roll-out in Malta which was happily accepted and brought about by Silvio Schembri

Minister for Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri has very happily bowed to the agenda of the New World Order to introduce 5G in Malta – for your benefit of course.

A gentle reminder to the readers that the 5G agenda was dictated by the EU and between 2014-2020 the same EU provided funding of over €4 billion for 5G projects. When agendas need to be executed billions start flowing from the EU – for your benefit of course. So that you live comfortably of course.


It was first Melita which in May 2021 honoured by the presence of Schembri and Jesmond Bugeja Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Communications Authority announced the launch of 5G with endless mobile data plans.

Then Go followed which in December of 2021 signed a €16m 5G deal with telecoms giant Nokia:

And then Silvio Schembri was photographed happily announcing in September 2022 that Epic is going to roll out its 5G network which is targeting to reach nation-wide coverage by 2024. Schembri had told the press that “Connectivity is vital and the investment by EPIC is also a clear testimony in its trust in Malta and the potential it offers.”

“When announcing the €20 million project whereby the European Investment Bankwill be financing the sum to Epic communications in efforts to accelerate the company’s network programme he said that apart from benefitting customers Malta will also be in a better position for investors who value connectivity.” Schembri also thanked the European Investment Bank “for its initiative and the support it gave to telecommunication companies internationally to help countries build a strong technological infrastructure.” As long as agendas are executed the help will always be there and the thank you is a must.

A few months before in November 2021 he was photographed happily smiling as he tried the VR game Morpheus showcased during the Epic 5G launch of the roll-out of 5G with “record breaking 1500 Mbps speed as part of the launch of its brand new mobile network” as part of its 40 million euro value investment in new infrastructure.

When agendas need to be executed millions start flowing from all kinds of sources – for your benefit of course. So that you live comfortably of course.

How sweet and happy our politikanti are. I am sure that Silvio Schembri’s smile lasted for days when he was given full control of the Lands Authority; when he was granted (or gifted? or given?) the use of his constituency office in a building owned by developer Paul Attard who coincidentally is the director and shareholder of leading construction company GAP Developments and who coincidentally is also the secretary general of the Malta Developers Association (MDA). Coincidentally Attard is the takeover of the large land in Mellieha issued for sale by the same Lands Authority at much lower than market rates and under unusual circumstances. Bribery through lobbying anyone? Gifts between pals anyone? Of course Schembri would be smiling…

Back to 5G. So how does Malta currently look with 5G radiation? Follow the purple line to notice the places where Melita 5G is running:

This is Go’s 5G:

And this is Epic’s 5G:

Central Malta is the most hit by 5G and it is clear what a grid lock Malta is. All those who live at the centre have been chosen by the government the mobile companies and minister Silvio Schembri to serve as guineapigs. If a serious country had a serious minister instead of Schembri of the Happy Lands there would have been a set up of serious researchers with no conflict of interest and no party affiliation whatsoever who would have conducted a longitudinal study where they repeatedly examine the same selected cohorts before the roll-out of 5G during its early launch phase and later so to detect any health changes that might occur over a period of time.

And ideally this should have been done with every roll-out of each cellular technology (3G and 4G). In addition no government has ever come up with a study as to whether the Go antenna in Naxxar has harmed the health of those living in close parameters or better still all of the people living on this beautiful island turned into a sour land thanks to our sweet politikanti.

The Independent did report the following about Schembri: “Mentioning health concerns about the introduction of the 5G network he said that apart from operating to limit exposure the Malta Communications Authority has state of the art tools to control radiation emissions.”.

This is a statement that should already raise eyebrows as minister Silvio Schembri is already telling you that 5G has harmful radiation emissions. Did he elaborate further? Did he explain in detail what kind of state of the art tools does the Malta Communications Authority have to control such radiation emissions?

Since Minister Silvio Schembri is busy seeing to how the Lands Authority shall stop raping this island with cranes and concrete while blessing us with more green lungs where we are free from these radiation emissions in the next blog this site will give you some insight about how 5G which uses invisible microwave beams focused like an invisible laser with phases array antennas has a lot of perils for your health and wellbeing.

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