Is Gabi Calleja employed and paid by the government to push the LGBTIQA+ agenda in our schools?

If you go on the website of the Malta Gay Rights Movement you will come across a July 29 2015 post titled “‘Daddy Papa and Me’ among books to be distributed to primary school teachers students on diversity” sourced from the Independent which informs us about the set of books on diversity like “Daddy Papa and Me” “The Sissy Duckling” “Be Who You Are” and “My Princess Boy” which had to be distributed to students teachers and families. All this was blessed by the Labour government and Education Minister Evarist Bartolo back then.

The post also informs us that the funds used to purchase such “educational material” were part of an EEA/Norway NGO grant programme but according to Gabi Calleja “this project would serve as a basis for bigger future projects on diversity”. What are these bigger projects exactly? Are they now in the pipeline or are they being rolled out?

What’s also interesting is that the post informs us that “Ms Calleja said that a number of workshops were held with teachers as part of the project” while announcing that “an expert on LGBTIQ issues will be coming over from the US to give a talk to NGOs on such issues”. The Malta Today had reported that the MGRM “was also in talks to try and secure better teacher training about sexuality issues through a collaboration with US organization GLSEN” with the aim of training college directors and educators. While they all want to paddle the same boat owned by the State to impose nefarious agendas they all climb on it – the Maltese government the US NGOs and the Malta Gay Rights Movement with its Gabi Calleja.
Times of Malta had reported that pro-life campaigner Paul Vincenti “had spoken to a number of teachers who he said were being pressured into accepting the books for fear of being labelled homophobes.”

Fast forward to these times and the agenda has infiltrated its tentacles. Are teachers being pressured to adhere to this agenda?

Considering that Gabi Calleja and this is public information is also a senior executive in the public sector; has worked in the fields of teaching drug prevention training community development fundraising and project management; and was part of the group appointed to write the “School Attendance Improvement” report which was published in 2005 isn’t it apt to ask if Gabi Calleja is running or is part of the teacher training about “gender” issues? From the information I received Gabi Calleja ran the COPE teacher training of January 2022 for a large group of teachers about “gender” issues with a change of syllabus on the tables. Gender was given priority over the curriculum/syllabus. Can Gabi Calleja or anyone from the Education Ministry verify? Who is authorizing this?

Is Gabi Calleja officially employed at the Education Ministry? Was she given and does she have the authority to carry out this agenda?

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