On corporate greed, power and the slavers.

We are all insolvent. We all owe someone billions of money and billions of other things. All nations owe the Elites turned Parasites trillions. The Elites must truly be pissed off at humanity making man’s slavery growing and increasing as time goes by. Man is becoming a willing slave where he is becoming fond of his slavery proud of the chains even though the famous opening sentence of Rousseau’s “The Social Contract” states “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.”

We all work too much in my opinion. I believe that since the Industrial Revolution we have been brainwashed into believing that we must spend the majority of our lives working.

What’s wrong for instance with planting your crops and then relaxing sitting down eating and drinking while you wait for them to grow? What’s wrong with taking a three-hour afternoon nap? A wonderful civilization would revolve around things like this.

When we were young we were taught that “ix-xogħol huwa salmura tal-ġisem” and that we need to work work and work to feel accomplished and useful. So we were given this five day week from eight to five if not more where you can just carry out this accomplishment project. With some luck you might have a Saturday and a Sunday off where you have to do the laundry clean the house do shopping and maybe enjoy an extra hour of sleep. Is this how life should be?

Before the small-minded sheeple think that this means that we become couch potatoes and deadbeats this is not the case. The sheeple must first awaken and realise that they are in a state of sleep while understanding the powerful forces that are keeping them in this state of mass hypnosis. And this cannot be done neither by applauding the enslaving system and grid they are part of nor by seeking information from the same forces which are the sources of this information so that their hypnosis is further thickened.

The Elites who are running this operation are slavers and practise slavery which they believe in. Slavery is the single most profitable business ever to date in the history of man on the planet. These powerful dudes print the money you deem as carrying worth. “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system for if they did I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” (Henry Ford)

But they do not want your money. They have ample of it. They want your land. They want your gold. They want your children. They want you. They want your freedom. They want the world all for themselves. These are the true assets they are after.

If they are going to reach one of their goals which is that of putting a chip in everyone’s hand and implement a financial transaction control grid it won’t just be about mandating anything they want on you and if you don’t comply you will be cut off from this control grid but they will also take your children.

We have witnessed how bail-outs were put on the working and middle classes destroying both classes while turning humanity into millennials similar to the 19th century Russian servs. Humanity thinks that it is better fed better clothed better shaped and more informed. But in reality humanity does not own anything because we are gig economy.

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