It is time for you to start carrying the Truth even if this is heavy because they have an agenda and they are not done yet.

Dear readers and the world population your vote won’t change a thing.

It is useless for you to walk up on any hill or mountain in another King Kong Series and bang your chest screaming “My party will save me” and “The government cares for me.” Thinking that the governments care for you is the truest conspiracy theory you can shout out.

Those who have “realeyes” by now know that countries are not run by governments. Governments are mere pawns in foreign policy owned by corporations run by psychopaths lying about an imaginary economy based on debt fuelled by illegal wars manufactured crisis and false flags; destroying ecosystems; poisoning our food and water; decreasing our education while increasing our prisons; manipulating the media; suppressing free energy while making us struggle. All this while you stay silent pay taxes fight for toilet paper but not your freedom and vote.

Voting for any party won’t solve anything. The Deep State has an agenda and it is not fully done yet. Any party any government must bow to it.
If you intend to be saved by rallies protests votes and any other ignorant shill then you are a sleepy sheeple in denial.

Governments are planted in countries to keep you from figuring out that “we are at war and have been for thousands and thousands of years. You must arm yourselves with knowledge and truth. Because we do battle with ignorance deception and lies.” (Gavin Nascimento)

If you think that you are saved by socialism then you haven’t understood that socialism is communism. Socialism enslaves people through voting whereas communism proposes to do so through force. The mere distinction is very similar to that between murder and suicide.

If there is a lesson that we can take from all the Davos-es is that the World Economic Enslavement Forum should be shut down and global leaders and lobbyists removed from power. Then we would own everything and be happy.

If there is a lesson that we can take from Covid-19 is that the World Health Organization is truly the World Hell Homicide Holocaust Organisation and is in damage control. Like NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation) UN UNICEF and the Babylonian presenters among the Bruxellois it should be shut down.

And with them their Cobra Commanders of the Fourth Reich.

Dear readers the world is truly run by a small handful wealthy powerful psychopaths – powerful secret oligarchies which pull the strings in all countriesthrough their developed strategies and tactics hidden from the profane masses. They are the 13 families their bloodlines and associated families. They are the Elites turned Parasites hybrids with knowledge of the past that they use for their gains while enslaving the rest.

They own all sectors: corporate political media scientific medical industrial food governments countries banks monetary systems stocks investments education and everything which involves the use of money.

They pay henchmen to do their bidding while teaching throughout history a small number of people how to become adapt in controlling everyone else with the main goal of shackling the mob and you in a system of eternal oppressive debt chained to a desk for the rest of your lives in a propaganda world to get you to believe you are happy in the system. This is why sheeple are not going anywhere. They like this world. They don’t need any sentimentality freedom or the resurrection of their inner power. They want to be controlled because they crave comfort and confidence while the knowledgeable rest would have to return to their capsules unconscious and alone.

Do you think this is far-fetched? Do you truly know your enemy and what is happening? Or you don’t even know that you don’t know? Are you a free critical thinker questioning everything which you were taught to accept without questioning?

If you are still in a state of sleep because you have not fully understood the nature of the forces which operate on you to keep you in a state of sleep then it is time that you start carrying the Truth even if it is heavy.

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