What are the Maltese parents’ reactions to the government’s grooming agenda of their children?

Here are some comments of parents which show their reactions to the government’s grooming agenda of their children. Their translations are underneath:

[Children belong to God and not to the State. Parents have the duty to raise their children according to God’s law and not to that of the State especially if it is perverse and deviant.]

[If you do gay conversion therapy straight to court. But if an idiotic organization or department indoctrinate our children that NO! And who elects a party to govern? Isn’t it the people? So the State is nothing else than a servitude of the people and IT IS NONE OF ITS BUSINESS which right morality we parents want to adhere to. It is a corrupted government completely serving the WEF UN WHO and American agenda.]

[If books or any other kind of stuff are given parents should take them away and give them back to the school. If they are given again rip them! And if they are given again protest and do not send your children to school!]

[The children belong to the State because when it told you to make them wear a mask or else keep them at home everybody sent them to school and if when they are born you don’t vaccinate them you cannot send them to school. So in reality truly they belong to the State and as parents we are allowing all this to happen.]

[The government is a puppet of Brussels and Washington.]

[The minority is winning over the majority. Children belong to parents and to no one else.]

[Do they think they will come to take them away? Everybody wants to make them their own business and has become an expert in everything. I have the duty to see what is right for my children because enough is enough.]

[It is a Communist idea that children belong to the State. Children belong to their parents because no one more than their parents knows what is best for them. Hands off our children!]

[We have to stop allowing such teachings in schools. The children belong to us and we teach them the values. No one else can. Nowadays even religion has become an option and instead one can choose ethics so this topic must also be optional rather than be imposed on our children.]

If Gaby Calleja has truly said so she should resign from her public office role because she is not fit to be close to any healthy and truthful concept of a human being’s fundamental rights. If she doesn’t resign it should be given a vote of mistrust by the Government or else it is clear that she is part of the Government’s agenda. Ask and insist for clarifications resist as you are doing and do not bow.

Well done that you parents are aware of what type of “education” your children are receiving as deemed necessary from the State. Certain type of kind of indoctrination is to be resisted by force. This is not only a right but a duty.]

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