Since the middle of January French protestors have been outspoken against Macron’s proposal to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. But now the cabinet of French President Emmanuel Macron has used a consitutional provision to advance pension reform without parliamentary approval.

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said “We cannot bet on the future of our pensions and this reform is necessary.” As she took this stand left-wing MPs sang the national anthem La Marseillaise while holding placards that read “No to 64”. When she started to speak the session was briefly suspended and shouts of “Resign Resign!” cut her off.

Despite the fact that the proposal to raise the pension age from 62 to 64 was approved by the upper house ministers realised they might not have the support of lawmakers. So what did they do? They have invoked article 49:3 of the constitution so to avoid a close vote in the National Assembly.
This gave the French government the chance to avoid taking a vote in the Assembly because it was clear that the French minority government lacked the necessary votes in parliament to enact the unpopular pension reforms.

“When a president has no majority in the country no majority in the National Assembly he must withdraw his bill ” said Olivier Faure the head of the Socialist party according toFrance 24.

So now thanks to the French government abusing of the Constitution to make the French people work longer pensions have become “sustainable”.
It is time you drop the veil and smell the tyranny because communism is on the right track with Macron pushing through pension reform without a parliamentary vote.

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