France is on fire with french protesters and police clashing after Macron forces through pension age rise.

After Macron has become the enemy of the French people a crook and a dictator pushing through pension age rise by bypassing a parliametary vote the French put Paris and other French cities on fire.

Rightly so after such politicians are ruining everything for the people the French decided to show that they have balls and are trying to reclaim what is theirs. Thousands went down to the streets throwing cobblestones and creating fires.

But the fraud police instead of turning against the dictatorial Macron and doing some real work like catching real criminals like all the political cronies has again turned against the people firing teargas and water cannon as pension protests erupted across Paris and French cities.

Congratulations to these thousands of French protestors who are showing to the world and sleepy Maltese sheeple that if you have balls now is a good time in history to use them.

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