The alarming question is how in the world does one move from vaccines to massive cuts in global human population? It is fair to mention that Bill Gates’ apologists try to explain his thought patterns. They say “In reality vaccines and general improvements in health care availability increases the living standards of individuals. As people become better off they tend to have fewer children”. In this way they appear to argue therefore that his investments bear no resemblance to ‘irrational conspiracy theories’ that posit an evil and draconian plan spearheaded by Bill Gates to cause massive depopulation. What about covid-19 vaccines?

‘If the rumour mill says you are a cattle thief then you must at least resist the urge to cuddle and dance with calves ’ says a wise African saying.
Bill Gates would have made more sense to lift millions of African youth out of poverty if he had established Free Microsoft Computer Programming Academies in Rural Africa. But no! Chickens of all things must have captured the imagination of one of the world’s wealthiest men. Computer training which has already captured the imagination of the continent’s youth will provide jobs as well as technological institutional capacity building for some of Africa’s least developed regions. It will create jobs and help Africa advance technologically. This is more in line with Bill Gates’ personal investment history and precise scope of competence. Uncle Bill Gates on the other hand has developed a proclivity and interest in sensitive biological products that involve experimentation and genetic engineering. This must be concerning to any discerning mind aware of his base instincts that the human population should be decreasing.

Considering all that has been exposed about Gates which I have shared with you all in my writings  like how his late father and himself have been closely aligned with the Planned Parenthood and Eugenics movement we must continue to seriously question why was he interested to “save” Africa through what is expressly declared as genetically modified chickens.

This concept of genetically modified chickens is now being taken up by the Israeli government. Here is a latest footage of last December:

Why didn’t African governments and indeed the African Union awaken from their trusting slumber and scrutinize the work of so-called African philanthropists? This latest hare-brained nay chicken-brained idea deserved close examination not only for its stated goal of providing a source of protein and business to Africa’s poor but also to see if there were any mischievous intended or negative unintended consequences on the continent. It defies imagination to think that a gift of 100 000 vaccinated live chickens would have lifted Africa out of poverty. Did it?

Africa has a large population of economically disadvantaged people but it must be protected from the horrors of forced depopulation. And where there is Bill Gates with his “farming” projects and vaccines you can rest assured that something is up and thus humanity must keep a close eye on any “project” he embarks on.

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