On 7th February Lovin Malta reported that “Malta has launched a new policy documentaimed at making schools more inclusive to trans gender variant and intersex children [but exclusive to others] with the Education Ministry noting a rise in the number of transitioning students.” Really? I have worked in schools for many years and I have never witnessed this rise. The document is entitled “A policy on inclusive education in schools – route to quality inclusion” and it is part of a wider policy document with targets for “coincidentally” 2030. It is all stumbling on agenda 2030 by accident!

Our education system thanks to Education Minister Clifton Grima is now woke and adhering to the New World Order! The policy reads:
“There are a growing number of students who are choosing to transition (or affirm their gender) while in school. This may mean that they will be adopting names pronouns clothing hairstyles and mannerisms that match their identity. [And you must accept anything of these.] Some may even be undergoing hormone therapies or puberty blockers.”

“One of the advantages of a co-ed school is the possibility for students to undergo transition in the same school. [Meaning the school should help in this transition and encourage it.] The transition process may take a few months or several years and requires support at every stage.”[meaning that schools should now change completely to conform to the dictates of the gender and queer ideology. Is this why Joseph Muscat had advocated and started co-ed schools?]

The woke and liberal governance has been slowly crawling on our island for a long time…

“Educators family friends and schoolmates also go through the transitioning process as they learn to relate to the individual in their affirmed gender.” Clifton Grima said that “schools must also introduce anti-bullying measures launch anti-transphobia campaigns provide teachers with training about gender variance and promote trans-inclusive diversity teaching.” [meaning complying to their agenda is a must. If you happen to refuse to violate your religious beliefs and refuse to participate in the social transition of students who identify as transgender then you lose your job.]

Lovin Malta reported that the policy targets are quite generic giving schools some leeway in deciding how to implement them [but they have to implement them whether they want to or not] but the document does provide some guidance [orders and impositions].

Schools have been told to evaluate [change] all their “gender-based” facilities [probably restrooms gym facilities libraries etc] activities rules policies and practices – such as classroom activities ceremonies [is mass one of such ceremonies?] photos [Are religious photos pictures of Christ or photos showing traditional families examples of these?] extracurricular activities and breakfast clubs – and scrap themunless they have a “clear and sound pedagogical purpose” [meaning banning and scrapping anything which is deemed offensive by LGBTIQ students and which does not fit in the agenda.] It is all stumbling on the woke agenda and anyone who imposes the agenda is excluded from it!

School libraries will also have to be updatedto ensure they are inclusive of “diversity-rich situations to expose learners to concepts of social inclusion”.

Clifton Grima can you be more specific instead of the usual beating-around-the bush political bullshit talk and explain if filthy same-sex books which are being promoted in American schools and with a pedagogical purpose are part of this update in our schools’ libraries by any chance?

I remind you of the investigative journalism that journalist Christopher F. Rufo is doing about this agenda in America:

“Students must be permitted to participate in any activities or follow any rule policy or practice that are consistent with thei
Do these activities include sex toys by any chance?

“Grima said that the inclusion policy is ultimately intended to foster scholastic environments that celebrate and promote the individuality of students.” Schools have always been doing so! Diversity is not about celebrating queerness or transgenderism but it is about  what makes each of us uniquewhich includes our backgrounds personality life experiences and beliefs all of the things that make us who we are. So this queer ideology should not be imposed on others and should not come at the cost of having those who disagree with it or those who are not LGBTIQA+ eliminated bullied fired silenced! This is the hypocrisy of the woke agenda of inclusion.

Clifton Grima said that “We [that is the woke and the liberal brigade] must continue convincing[meaning brainwashing and indoctrinating you because you cannot hold a different opinion in their communism timeline] educators and students’ families that every children is capable of learning and progressing through adequate educational strategies.” [so we are doing it by imposing the gender ideology and queer theory on the schools which have nothing to do with a child’s capability of learning and progressing].

Our education system is now pushing the gender ideology and queer theory with Clifton Grima wearing the woke and liberal mitre.

In Oregon the Oregon Department of Education has published a document entitled “Supporting Gender Expansive Students Guidance for Schools” which tells schools to hide information from students’ parents when possible:

We also have the Detroit-based General Motors funding transgender programs in elementary schools which are training teachers and students for LGBTQ activism:

What Lovin Malta and the government are failing to tell you is that back in 2015 the education ministry headed by Evarist Bartolo back then had also launched a policy document entitled the “Trans Gender Variant and Intersex students in schools policy”.

https://education.gov.mt/en/resources/Documents/Policy%20Documents/Trans %20Gender%20Variant%20and%20Intersex%20Students%20in%20Schools%20Policy.pdf

The Maltese government and all its administration have been working and are still working hard to groom our kids and spread the gospel of transgender ideology to every crevice of society.

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