The BBC and other media portals fail to admit that the Covid-19 vaccines’ injuries and deaths have devastated our society. (2)

In fact to consolidate the narrative the BBC concludes that “the rise in cardiac problems has been pointed to by some online as evidence that Covid vaccines are driving the rise in deaths but this conclusion is not supported by the data [controlled by Big Pharma Inc & Co et al].  The media tries to strengthen its lie by telling you that only one type of covid vaccine has been linked to a small rise in cases of heart inflammation and pericarditis and myocarditis mostly seen in boys and young men while the excess deaths are highest in older men. But what is causing deaths in these older men? And didn’t we see that many young people are dropping suddenly dead? But the BBC makes sure to repeat the lie to tell you that such cases of heart issues in young men are rare and not fatal so they cannot account for the excess in deaths.

The cherry on the cake is for the BBC to blame the unvaccinated since figures up to June 2022 show that unvaccinated people were more likely to die than vaccinated people.  But it had forgot that in the same article it had stated “it wasn’t until June that excess deaths really started to rise ” meaning that the unvaccinated are not forming part of these excess deaths since the figures which the BBC is citing for the unvaccinated deaths are those up to June 2022 whereas in the same breath it states that it is after this month that excess deaths started to rise!

When the media and others keep on blaming the unvaccinated for these deaths besides resorting to call them “conspiracy theorists” or who spread “fake news” it is like blaming a product that blames its failure on those who did not use it! Because we have come to live in a period when people who do their own research before buying a car or a product are considered smart consumers but when people do their own research before putting something in their body they are called conspiracy theorists which is truly a compliment for critical thinkers!

In Malta you should be mad at the local health authorities Dr Fearne Profs Gauci the government and any one including your employer who forced you to take the jab!

But remember that the media had also reported this:

But then BBC’s pen gets tired of spreading misinformation to peddle a false narrative and unconsciously the truth emerges indirectly behind the substratum of lies:

“While this data on its own can’t tell us it’s the vaccine protecting people from dying– there are too many complicating factors – if vaccines were driving excess deaths we would expect this to be the other way around” because for the BBC quoting data which is allowed by the propaganda is biblical and it is what you should believe. And the data wont definitely mention the vaccines!

And for the BBC there are too many complicating factors which are being caused by the same vaccines but which it fails to tell you albeit it did have a call of conscience to admit that “this data on its own can’t tell us if it’s the vaccine protecting people from dying”.

And yet apart from various testimonials from people media articles of young people suddenly dropping dead and dying are flooding the internet and showing otherwise!

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