Michaël Borremans and his disturbing images of children. Does he give us an insight into the occultist rituals involving children?

When the fashion luxury house Balenciaga was accused of child pornography it replaced the bondage kid images with more tasteful images. However if one had to take a closer look at the book behind the model one sees “The name: Michaël Borremans. An artist”.

A Daily Mail article had also brought similarities between Balenciaga’s fashion and the works of the said artist:

Who is Michaël Borremans?

Michaël Borremans is a Belgian painter and filmmaker who lives and works in Ghent. His painting technique is described as drawing on the 18thcentury art and the works of Edouard Monet and Degas. Borremans also cites the Spanish court painter Diego Velazquez as an important influence.

Following the fact that he figured peripherally in this 2022 Balenciaga campaign that was accused of promoting child abuse; his painting series Fire from the Sun(2018) attracted criticism on twitter for containing disturbing images of children.

“Fire from the Sunincludes small and large scale works that feature toddlers engaged in playful but mysterious acts with sinister overtones and insinuations of violence.”

Here is some of his art:

Make no mistake. Paedophilia child sex trafficking abortion eating children’s body parts child organ trafficking satanism satanic rituals and the occult are hunting high and low!

No wonder in the most blatant manner ever the masonic magazine Time had told us back in 1972 “The Occult Revival – Satan returns.” Do you see something similar between those in the above images wearing the hooded druidic ritual black robes and the one in the magazine’s front photo?

Is Michaël Borremans a connoisseur of the Elite’s ring?

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