Are some frontline speakers for the anti-covid vaccine movement being paid by Big Pharma to serve as controlled opposition? (2)

We have Steve Kirsch the Silicon Valley billionaire and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Who are they? Steve Kirsch is quite a new face in the COVID-19 “vaccine” resistance movement and yet he admitted to taking the COVID shots before realizing his mistake. Steve appears to want to control who leads this “movement ” and he appears to have the means to do so. He founded the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation and has publicly offered millions of dollars to anyone who wants to join him as he appears to be entering the COVID protocols market as well. He recently offered $1 million to help get fluvoxamine a new drug approved.

He calls Robert F. Kennedy Jr. his “friend and mentor ” and he calls Kennedy “the man who built our movement.” Kirsch’s foundation’s name “Vaccine Safety Research Foundation ” implies that vaccines can be “safe ” and that he is pro-vaccine.

Then there’s Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense Fund. Despite being a relative newcomer to the vaccine resistance movement Children’s Health Defense (CHD) was founded before COVID in 2018. It arose from the “World Mercury Project.”

CHD revenue has more than doubled each year from $1 063 837 in 2018 to $2 928 566 in 2019 to $6 769 658 in 2020 the year COVID began to an incredible $15 990 132 in 2021!

Mr. Kennedy’s salary has also increased significantly rising from $255 000 in 2019 to $345 561 in 2020 to $497 013 in 2021. (Source.) He now earns more than the Florida Surgeon General and more than Dr. Anthony Fauci the alleged highest paid employee in the United States Federal Government.[1]

So where are all these millions of dollars going into CHD? What other company has seen such explosive revenue growth in the two years since COVID’s inception?

It appears that the Selz Foundation which is funded by Bernard Selz a Wall Street Fund management company was making significant contributions to CHD as they were the ones who funded the start-up of ICAN and Del Bigtree’s Highwire. According to Wikipedia the Selz Foundation no longer funds ICAN but the organization did receive $2.46 million from T. Rowe Price a donor-directed charitable trust investment firm. So it appears that Wall Street money is involved.

Then there is Dr Malone who makes me raise questions whenever I read or watch his work. He does nothing for the freedom and truth movement and in my opinion he has used it to enrich himself. He also recommends to avoid the children from getting jabbed but continues to advocate injecting everyone else. In December 2021 he had stated that the Covid-19 vaccines should not be given to children due to the danger of “permanent damage in children’s critical organs including their brain and nervous system their heart and blood vessels including blood clots their reproductive system and their immune system.” If the shots endanger these organs etc. of children what does not make them as dangerous to adults? In his presentations he tells us what we want to hear and he does not deviate from certain specific points even though they completely disrupt the logic of his criticism of the vaccine. Yet he continues to advise millions of people including those “at risk” people of all ages and all adults over the age of 60 to continue to take these kill shots.

He also stated that he invented the technology behind these vaccines (yet there is no record of anything) the very same thing that is killing people. If he did play a role what can he say that could save lives with the fraud gene shot? With the mRNA technology doing so much harm worldwide it seems strange that he is so proud of his part in the technology. Has he ever said how does this vaccine work since he says he invented it? How could there be a single thing about these injections that he does not know about? He’s got top level security clearance and has his fingers in just about every government agency and corporation that has anything to do with the injections.

How come does Big Pharma allow him to speak? Besides he came out two years after the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines calling for the end to these deadly injections. Where was he when they started being rolled out? What makes him a hero now now that people are decimated with millions dead and others injured?

Moreover his wife Dr. Jill Glasspool Malone continues to list Bill Gates Melinda Gates Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and billionaire Richard Branson as four of her top seven influencers on LinkedIn as of last April 7 2022.

I’d like to reiterate why I’m publishing this information about these self-proclaimed new leaders of the vaccine resistance movement.  Surely they did provide valuable information about the Covid-19 shot fraud and I am not suggesting the readers to stop reading or watching their work.

But we need to ask more questions other than just listening to them or reading their work or else we will be led to believe them blindly and think they are working for our higher good.

What solutions are they giving? Where do we go from here?

Are they completely against the Covid-19 vaccines? Or are they against a specific brand only? Do their actions try to persuade you otherwise because they themselves have taken a specific kind of Covid-19 vaccine which they advocated as safe? Doesn’t their action contradict what they say which comes as mixed messages for you? Does it confuse you?

Do they advocate the Covid-19 vaccines for a certain cohort?

Do they advocate other type of Covid-19 vaccines like the Novavax?

Do they advocate other “solutions” that Big Pharma are coming up with?

Do they endorse the manipulated peer-reviewed research?

Do they advocate a new Covid-19 protocol?

Do they still trust the science and make you think that the solution lies in the science when we are in this shit thanks to the science of the medical mafia system where it is difficult to distinguish where the private pharmaceutical sectors corporations and the governmental agencies stop?

I believe that we need to start asking tough questions about these people’s funding and motivations so to bring justice to those who are suffering or have been killed with the Covid-19 shots fraud.

If the answers to the above questions make your subconscious harbour the idea that they are grifter frauds then it is what they are. Trust your gut feeling and go with it. The freedom and truth movement is alive and strong enough to not need any leader. The movement can survive without anyone.

We basically stand alone and battle on our own and this is best.

We must hold each other tight and continue to pull back the veil.


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