The New York Fashion Week and the “Valentine of the Flesh.”

Besides having the Woke and paedophilia infiltrating fashion now Satanism and demonic sickness decided to join forces.

At the New York Fashion Week they celebrated fashion with the theme “Valentine of the Flesh”. The artist behind this “fashion” is Rob Sheridan whose twitter posts decided to showcase his “art” where his inflated narcissistic ego took the lead to ridicule those who think that his “art” is sick as hell calling them “dumbest people on earth”.

And the same artist was also responsable for “absolutely stunning looks” at the Met Gala 2022:

But those who know what is going on and who have turned to Christ have replied:

What we are witnessing are rituals being used for the shock factor presented as perverted pleasure. This is the normalisation of the queer by various means of propaganda so that society accepts certain agendas and the process of the dechristianisation of the West.

X (Formerly Twitter)