East Palestine Ohio has embarked on a government funded pilot digital ID project.

Three months ago a pilot program to respond to EMERGENCY situations was centered in East Palestine Ohio and which has started running as from January.

What kind of emergency issues? Are they the type that Prof Karl Lauterbach the Federal Minister of Germany for Health tweeted on 18th February?
“With ⁦@BillGates⁩ and WHO Director General ⁦@DrTedros⁩ at the Munich Security Conference.

New pandemics are certain. The only question is: when and are we better prepared. That’s what we’ve been working on.”

Residents received FREE digital IDs to track ongoing health issues like “breathing difficulties.”

East Palestine Ohio was described on the news of the lying mainstream media as “being the place to be since it is way ahead of the curve on a program to provide better treatment for anyone in the event of an emergency.” Is their emergency one like Covid-19 or a manufactured climate change emergency by any chance? Or is it a health emergency caused by the Covid-19 vaccines?

The media continues to explain that “My ID provides quick medical information for emergency responders” like a heart attack or a stroke induced by the Covid-19 vaccines by any chance?

My ID works by taking a camera phone and pointing it at the QR code. It provides valuable medical information such as allergies breathing difficulties or other conditions so you can get proper treatment and care. Why do they always sell you their filth as being something for the common good and for your own good? And thanks to the QR code your information can be read in all the states.

My ID comes with a few options. It can be a bracelet a necklace a key fob or an attachment on your watch band and when it comes to imposing on you what it wants Communism does give you a choice – you can choose any of these options which suits your lifestyle best.

And so that Communism looks really benevolent to the citizens it is offering this My ID for free so that they are provided with that extra layer of care for a better treatment. How kind and generous Communism is!

Without the involvement of the US federal government it would have been assumed that this was just a prank or a tragic accident. However it seems that the US federal government is involved. They no longer benefit from the benefit of the doubt because they have lied and misled so many people.

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