We are witnessing a total political system failure. We all know of the deep-rooted corruption that plagues politics and our politicians as saintly as you make them to be are not immune to corruption. What causes corruption in politics?

In this piece I am going to focus on what is causing corruption in politics in America. To get to the local direction you are welcome to jot down what in Maths we call a hypothesis with the parameter of what you are testing [politicians and corruption] the direction of the test [who is involved the cause/s and the how and why] and the value [how many they are how much money and other facets are involved etc].

I can assure you that you will find out that little Malta is a dot larger than if you had to piece together Afghanistan Bolivia Brazil and Colombia on the one side and if you had to piece together the BCCI scandal the HSBC 2012 scandal case the Wachovia Bank case and the Benex scandal case on the other side if you understand the pun in both.

The first cause of corruption is lobbying. What is lobbying? It is “the act of lawfully attempting to influence the actions policies or decisions of government officials most often legislators or members of regulatory agencies.” Looking at it doesn’t it make it sound like bribery? This began in America in 1787 the year the country’s constitution was written. The purpose of including lobbying in the frames was to prevent any special interest groups or individuals from gaining undue influence over the government and the populace. The rationale behind it was that by making special interest groups compete with other organizations vying for power they could be stopped. This made it possible for another group to oppose the strong force of the first group.

Therefore on that day the right to petition under the first Amendment was established giving individuals businesses and other entities the ability to lobby the government. In order to prevent any one group from seizing control of politics and lawmaking lobbying was developed as a means of influencing politics for the benefit of the majority. This gives the impression that lobbying is significant for democracy. However unlike in the past it no longer has those genuine intentions driving it in the absurd political puppet show. Today minorities are well-represented and have used money to completely seize control of politics.

The monthly cost of hiring a lobbying firm is at least $50 000 and it frequently takes several months or even years to start seeing results. This industry has grown rapidly let’s say over a twenty-year period thanks to large paychecks paid to lobbying groups.

Over the course of ten years companies like Amazon Apple Meta Microsoft and Google alone have spent over 600 million on lobbying with 70 million of those dollars coming in 2021.

The US Chamber of Commerce National Association of Realtors and none other than Big Pharma (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) – spent a combined $150 million just in 2021 alone making these figures puny in comparison to some of the biggest lobbying organizations in America:

It is obvious that lobbying is a very expensive industry that has made it impossible for the average person to have any political influence. This has allowed large corporations special interest groups and the wealthy elite to seize power by investing billions of dollars in politics. They now have complete control over the significant laws that affect you as a result enabling them to treat regular people horribly.

I’ll use a scenario that occurred in America in 2014 when the House passed a bill that partially undid the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reforms to illustrate how bad this is. The Dodd-Frank Act was designed to stop the extremely risky financial industry practices that sparked the 2007–2008 financial crisis. Protecting consumers and taxpayers from egregious behavior like predatory lending and the effects of the global financial crisis (GFC) which overthrew the world economy and plunged many nations into their deepest recession while millions lost their homes jobs and businesses all because of greedy bankers was the initiative’s main objective.

If a situation similar to the GFC were to occur again this policy they passed completely released the banks from responsibility. Instead they made taxpayers just like the first time responsible for the bailout job. It was later discovered that 70 of the 85 lines in the final legislation were written by CITI group lobbyists. This means that the same CITI group which was heavily involved in the 2008 financial crisis and received millions of dollars in stimulus funding was given the opportunity to write a law that would directly benefit it and give the banks no incentive to behave improperly ever again. How did they get away with it? By lobbying for the legislation sending $22.4 million to members of Congress—five times as much as it had received from opposition groups.

Give a man a gun and he will rob a bank; give a man a bank and he will rob everyone. As Bob Dylan wrote “They say that patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings; steal a little and they throw you in jail steal a lot and they make you king.”

To make matters worse when reporters questioned Democrats about why they were supporting this legislation despite the Obama administration’s opposition they responded that Republicans had the necessary support to pass it on their own. Dems who are “vulnerable” should therefore join them and receive INDUSTRY MONEY FOR THEIR CAMPAIGNS.

Because in political theater politics outsmart you repeatedly with pretend CONfrontation. When the camera is on they say one thing. When the camera is off they make plans on how to CON the people. Everything you see is the implementation of the master plan with Davos becoming the de-facto platform for governments corporates and “philanthropists”.

Basically those responsible for the GFC were permitted to write laws that would benefit them personally while destroying the American people. How did they manage to do that? By bribing the members of congress who were chosen to represent and work for the same American people that they and their lobbyists were destroying with millions of dollars sent to them.

Can you see the conflict of interest and how this gives the minority the power to make and impose rules on the majority? All this not only makes the idea of democracy completely flawed but it shows us that the culprits of this are THE POLITICIANS which will be the lovely topic of the next piece.

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