The NHS has put up a notice informing the Britons that they are officially not allowed a booster.

In the UK the NHS has put up a notice on its website informing the Britons that as from the 12th of February they are now officially not allowed a booster.

Governments went from selling you these vaccines as the post-modern god of health and healing offering you appointment free walk-in vaccination clinics bamboozling you and pressuring you to take it firing you and telling you you can’t travel without a vaccine certificate you can’t dine and unless you take it life won’t turn to normal and you won’t be able to resume going out to now stopping you from taking it. Aren’t they not “safe and effective” anymore by any chance?

You cannot even try to begin to understand the riddle in all this political conundrum made up of political doofuses who make Homer Simpson look like a wiseacre even if you want to!

Maybe it’s time to start listening to the “conspiracy theorists” and to all those spreading what you label “fake news”.

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